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Board of Directors

board of directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the effective operation of the Trust and each academy or free school. It provides ongoing challenge and support to the Executive Team and to Local Governing Bodies (LGBs).

The Board of Directors meets three times per year plus any extraordinary meetings.

The Board of Directors has responsibility for:

  • Establishing and maintaining the vision and values of the Brooke Weston Trust vision and values.
  • Carrying on the Brooke Weston Trust in accordance with the objects of the Trust as set out in the Articles of Association and safeguarding the assets of the Trust
  • Educational performance against established targets
  • Overview and scrutiny of financial capability and management systems to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and to deliver best value for money.
  • Ensuring sound management and administration of the Academy Trust by the Executive Team, and ensuring that the Executive Team is equipped with the relevant skills and guidance
  • Establishing and maintaining the governance and operational structures for Brooke Weston Trust.
  • Risk management, that is identifying, quantifying and devising systems to minimise the major risks affecting the Academy Trust;
  • Ensuring the Academy Trust and the Academies are conducted in compliance with the general law.

The Board of Directors delegates management of the Trust to the Chief Executive and the management team who each carry out important governance and leadership roles.

See the Brooke Weston Trust Scheme of Delegation for further information.

The board of directors

Name of director Role attendance
Richard Morrison Chair of Board of Directors 3/3
George Weston Principal Sponsor 2/3
Guy Weston Principal Sponsor 3/3
Alex de Capell Brooke Principal Sponsor 3/3
Bob Lane Principal Sponsor 2/3
Heneage Stevenson Co-opted Director 3/3
Chris Priestley Co-opted Director 3/3
Phil Harris-Bridge Co-opted Director 2/3
Dr Andrew Campbell Director (ex-officio) 3/3
Sir Peter Simpson Education Advisor 3/3
Debbie Tysoe Finance Advisor 3/3

Those who served in 2014-15 but are no longer in office

Clive Chenery Parent Governor 2/2
Jan Banham Chair Governor 1/2
Andy Cuddihy Chair Governor 0/2
Kerry James Chair Governor 0/2
Steve Barton Chair Governor 1/2