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BWT catering is focusing on green issues

Our Trust Catering Manager has big plans to reduce the amount of plastic and wastage in our schools with new initiatives that are coming into force over the coming months.

Chris joined the Brooke Weston Trust in 2009 as Head Chef at Corby Business Academy and rapidly rose through the ranks to become its first ever Trust Catering Manager.  His role involves overseeing the catering function across all our schools, developing new recipes and making sure the emphasis is on sustainability and healthy eating.

He said: 'In 2015 we won the healthy eating award at Corby Business Academy and were up against big players like RS Components and Avon. That was what really sparked my enthusiasm for pushing healthy eating in our restaurants.

 'Across the Trust we produce at least 5,000 meals daily and we have got some really good suppliers that are servicing all the schools, so we are not only compliant, we are getting a great service. I love my job and the big focus for this year is removing single use plastic from our restaurants so we are going to be seeing lots of changes over the next few months. Gretton Primary are our first school to have gone plastic free and it has gone really well.

‘We have always had the plan to become plastic free but Gretton championed it. For me that is my main focus – the green agenda, recycling our food, reducing our plastic, reducing the amount we put in the black bins to go to landfill. We are currently working with a couple of different refuse collection companies to see if we can start separating our waste at source.’




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