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Gretton students enjoy tennis training

Year 1 students from Gretton Primary School are enjoying fun games and tennis coaching with a local trainer. Mr Jonathan Hoyle from Corby Tennis Centre puts the youngsters through their paces in hour-long sessions at the school. They are building on skills they learned in reception class and, after their current five-session programme, the students may take part in a mini tennis festival.

Mr Hoyle said: ‘As the students are so young it is about developing key skills and we are building on what they learned in reception, including basic co-ordination, how to hit the ball and ball and racquet skills. ‘

The students are certainly enjoying the sessions:  Indigo said: ‘I like these lessons because we get to play tennis and there are lots of different fun games’ while classmate Ben added: ‘I like it because it keeps me fit and I love hitting the tennis ball.’

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