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Support Peckover's bid for garden funding

‘The Peckover Community Garden Group’ has submitted a bid for funding to support its ambitious plans to turn a derelict piece of land into a garden space for Peckover students and families. It is hoping to be awarded cash from the Aviva Community Fund that gives sums from £1,000 to £25,000 to projects across the UK, with the public voting for their favourites.

Peckover Primary School has a lease on a piece of adjacent land that it wants to develop as a garden to promote physical, social and mental health. The Garden Group’s vision is to attract people of all ages and backgrounds to regenerate the space, which will include a low maintenance allotment section, wildlife area and natural habitats including bug hotels and bird boxes.

The project bid said: ‘The idea of the community garden is to ensure that children and families in our community have the opportunity to enjoy green space, through maintenance of the allotment areas and raised beds. The mesh pathways will ensure that the area is available to everyone (able bodied or disabled). Through the wild flower meadow we are encouraging butterflies, dragonflies and other wildlife for the children to see. We would like to have wildlife ponds, again to encourage wildlife and show the children the wonderment of our surrounding nature. Our children love to learn and to have the opportunity to learn outside would be wonderful. What better way to introduce their passion for the environment and encourage them to take care of their surroundings?
‘Peckover’s core values are PROUD. Perseverance, Respect, Opportunity, United and Do your best. We encourage our children to live by our values during both their school and home life. Peckover Community Garden Group wants to give all children in our area the opportunity to develop a love for the environment and nature and we are hoping that our community garden will enable them to establish this.’

Peckover Community Garden Group is encouraging as many people as possible to log on to the Aviva Community fund website and vote for their scheme. To support their bid please click here:

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