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More success stories from TCA

Here's another instalment detailing what our successful A Level students from TCA are planning next:

Ben Carr (left) was awarded three 8s in biology, chemistry and physics, four 7s in geography, maths, French and English language and an A in ICT. He is staying on at TCA to take A Levels in chemistry, English and geography. He said: 'I didn’t get much sleep the night before I picked up my results and I felt very relieved when I saw how I’d got on. I was hoping for 6s so it was brilliant. I sent my mum and dad a photo of my results.I’m interested in science so that’s what I’d like to go on and do at university.'

Max Van Tongeren is going on to study computing after picking up three 7s in maths, physics and computer science, two 6s in biology and chemistry and a B in product design. He said: 'I was really nervous  but once I’d opened my results there was relief and surprise at how well I’d done. I did try my best and I went to every revision session that I could.
'I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time at TCA. It’s a good school and the teachers have been very supportive and helpful.'

Kerim Suleyman achieved two 8s in computer science and maths, two 7s in chemistry and physics, a 6 in French and three 5s in biology, geography and English language. He said: 'I’m most proud of the computer science grade as I put a lot of time into it.'

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