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Sixth Formers have driving experience

Sixth Formers at Brooke Weston Academy got behind the wheel during driver experience sessions run by local instructors.

A fleet of cars and motorbikes was at the school for the two-day event where students got a 20-minute introductory driving session, or time on the motorbikes.

One of the instructors, Brian Munn, said: ‘We are doing car craft training for the students to get them used to the initial stages of learning to drive. Hopefully it will whet their appetite. They are eager to learn, have done really well and have been very impressive.’

Head of Sixth Form Nina Smith said ‘This is the latest in a series of road safety courses that has been delivered to our Sixth Formers and Year 11 students. It offers them the chance to look at road safety issues in the classroom as well with guided sessions and lots of information including on speeding and drink driving. They also have a practical session which is always enjoyable as we want to make sure that they are as well informed and prepared as possible before they take to the roads.’

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