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Library volunteers receive certificates

Year 7 and Year 9 students, who between them have volunteered more than 80 hours in the Brooke Weston Academy library, have been presented with certificates of achievement and a book of their choice.

The eight library assistants have completed the first level of library training and are now moving on to being trained on the desk.

Librarian Ms McCabe said: ‘They learned basic library skills and about all the different resources that we have, their locations, the Dewey decimal system and how we shelve non-fiction books. They have all been given an area of shelving that is their responsibility. They had a booklet to complete with activities after each of the training sessions to make sure they understood what they had been taught. At the very end there was a library quiz that they completed on the computer and it gave them instant feedback. This term they have volunteered 80 hours between them and it does make a huge difference to the running of the library.’

Presenting the certificates Vice Principal Shaun Strydom said: ‘You have all done a fantastic job and I can see you are enjoying it.’

Harrison Saini from Year 7 said: ‘I have liked learning about how the library works.’ Olivia Kopania, from Year 9 said: ‘I used to be a library helper at my primary school. Here they have different software to scan the books out and I look after the languages section. The most enjoyable thing is finding out what sort of books are the most popular, which is things like adventure books and Harry Potter.’

To see more pictures of the presentation click here.

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