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Admissions Information

Admissions Information for Reception and Year 7 Places in September 2021

To apply for a place in Reception or Year 7 parents/carers will need to apply through the Northamptonshire County Council/Cambridgeshire County Council admissions process. All parent/carers are required to complete the Local Authority Common Preference Form in accordance with the established timelines. Further details can be found on their websites (Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire).

Testing process cancelled for next year’s secondary intake

Prospective students applying to Brooke Weston Trust schools in Kettering and Corby will not have to sit a non-verbal reasoning test in December 2020.

Traditionally those applying to Brooke Weston Academy, Corby Business Academy, Corby Technical School and Kettering Science Academy are invited to take part non-verbal reasoning test in December to ensure that each school has a balanced intake of students of all abilities.

This year, due to the national lockdown the normal method of assembling hundreds of students for testing was not practical or safe. Therefore the Trust applied for applications to be allocated without the ‘fair banding’ testing process.

It held a consultation for parents and applied to the Department for Education and Regional Schools Commission for places to be allocated for the 2021 intake without the fair banding element of assessment.

Please see letters at the bottom of this page for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.




If, once you have received notification from the Local Authority, your child has been unsuccessful in obtaining a place at any of our Brooke Weston Trust schools, you are entitled to appeal that decision. If you wish to appeal, please visit the individual academy websites or contact the main reception for details of the process you will need to follow.

For a place in any other year group we recommend that parents contact the academy in the first instance in order that we can liaise with Admissions Team at Northamptonshire County Council/Cambridgeshire County Council over the offering of a school place.

For information regarding admissions for students with statements of sen or ehc (education, health and care plan) please visit the individual academy websites.

for information regarding in year applications and appeals for year 7 (after December 31st of the year of entry) - year 11, please visit the individual academy websites.

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions about appeals. 


Admissions Policy Consultation

Brooke Weston Trust is consulting on its admissions policy for 2021-2022. The changes we are proposing are as follows:

School Name DfE Number Details of proposed changes for Sept 2022 intake:
Beanfield Primary 928/2030

Changes to PAN reference to clarify that the PAN of 90 is for Mainstream intake only.                                                                                                                                                                        

"The published admission number for the school for the Mainstream reception intake from September is 90. This does not include places in the school’s specialist provision which must be applied for directly in consultation with the EHC SEN team at Northamptonshire County Council."    


Changes to the Oversubscription Criteria;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         a) Looked After Children and all previously Looked After Children (see paragraph 5.9.1 for definition of ‘Looked After Children’).

b) Children who live in the linked area with a sibling link (see paragraph 5.9.3 for definition of ‘sibling’).

c) Other children who live in the linked area

d) Children living outside the linked area who have a sibling link (see paragraph 5.9.3 for definition of ‘sibling’).

e) Children of staff where that member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and/or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage in the area.

f) Other children
Linked area
Children within the area defined as Beanfield. This area encompasses all houses within the bordering area of A6003, A427, Jubilee Road and Gainsborough Road; including all roads leading from Tower Hill.


Compass Primary 928/2201 No changes proposed
Gretton Primary 928/2043 No changes proposed
Oakley Vale Primary 928/3513 No changes proposed
Brooke Weston Academy 928/6907

Reinstate NFER testing


Removal of Careers Route and Access to University Route from Sixth Form (Post 16 Provision) Entry requirements

Corby Business Academy 928/6906 Reinstate NFER testing
Corby Technical School 928/4003

Reinstate NFER testing


Amendment of Sixth Form (Post 16 Provision) entry requirements and oversubscription criteria; 


Arrangements for Admission to Post 16 Provision
There are a total of 50 places available in Year 12. This is inclusive of a Published Admission Number of 10 for external students.


Entry requirements
The school entry requirements for all applicants will be the same, there are two routes of application for students to apply for:


A Level Pathway - students will study A Levels

• a grade 5 in Maths and a grade 5 in English Language or Literature
• each subject specific entry requirement as outlined in the School’s prospectus                                                                                                                                                                                    
Blended Pathway – students will study a wide range of Level 3 courses
• students will study a minimum of 1 non-A level, Level 3 course e.g. BTEC/Cambridge Technical
• a grade 4 in Maths and a grade 4 in English Language or Literature
• each subject specific entry requirement as outlined in the School’s prospectus


Oversubscription criteria
All students must meet the entry requirements as outlined above. If after admitting students with EHC plans that name Corby Technical School, there are more external applicants than places, the following oversubscription criteria will apply:
1. Looked After Children and all previously looked after children (see paragraph 5.9.1)
2. Children with a sibling link (see paragraph 5.9.3 for the sibling definition)
3. Distance between permanent address and the School as measured in a straight line from the child’s home to the Main Entrance of the School site.
If, in criteria 1 – 3 above, a tie break is necessary to determine which child is admitted, the child whose permanent address is closest to the school will be given priority for admission. Distance is measured from the child’s home to the front gates of the school in a straight line. In the event of a tie (as outlined above), if the distance between a child’s home and the school is equidistant in any two or more cases, random allocation will be carried out by the school to determine who has highest priority for admission. is the website we will use to determine the randomization process. This will be subject to independent verification.
A waiting list will be held for Year 12 students for the first academic year of admission. This waiting list will be held in line with the oversubscription criteria. Further details on the waiting list are set out in the main body of the Trust’s admission policy.


Kettering Science Academy 928/6909 Reinstate NFER testing
Peckover Primary School 873/2094 No changes proposed
Thomas Clarkson Academy 873/4000 No changes proposed