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The following courses are aimed at teachers and subject leaders to develop their own pedagogy and understanding around different areas of the curriculum.

Progression of disciplinary knowledge in science

This training session will draw on research and evidence informed good practice alongside consideration of current and developing national expectations. Delivery will be practical and interactive and signpost quality teaching resources.

Using Key Texts to Develop Effective EYFS Curriculum

This session will explore the effective practice in the use of high quality texts in EYFS and will provide practical examples of how to use texts to develop early language, reading and writing skills. It will consider the recent DfE publication ‘The reading framework - Teaching the foundations of literacy DfE July 2021’ and how this might be implemented within EYFS.

DT - Levers Linkages and CAMS Frame Structures 

This half-day face to face practical course will run through the ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of mechanisms and structures. Gain ideas and experience of how to bring these to life in your class through Design and Make Assignments, Investigative & Evaluative Activities and Focussed tasks.

Teaching Continuity and Change in the History Curriculum 

The concept of ‘change and continuity’ can be described as ‘understanding how and why change occurs in history, why and how things stay the same and analysing trends across time’. This session will explore how to teach continuity and change in the primary history classroom. Good practice will be drawn from Historical Association materials and extensive experience of making these key concepts of National Curriculum history both challenging and fun.

Leading Primary Geography

This session will explore all the aspects that might be considered when designing your geography curriculum. We will engage in practical fieldwork and consider what makes a successful geography leader.

Effective Pedagogy in Maths 

This session will combine the importance of maths-specific subject knowledge, with the key teaching points to look out for when delivering in a classroom. We will assess the importance of questioning, representations and modelling as key stepping stones to learning.

English Subject Knowledge for Support Staff 

This session is an opportunity for support staff to develop their understanding of grammar and punctuation subject knowledge in all year groups. A practical session for staff to develop their own knowledge and also understand how to apply it in practical and creative ways to support children with their English.

PE - Tricky Bits

This session will cover all areas of PE including specific sports, the structure of a lesson, differentiation, planning and assessment. There will also be a practical element. Held at Compass Primary Academy.

Everyday Life in Roman Britain 

The session will introduce teachers to the Life in the Roman World resources, which have been developed to deliver the KS2 Roman Britain topic on the History National Curriculum. The resources also address the local history content of the KS2 National Curriculum in History, as well providing cross-curricular opportunities.

Maths Subject Knowledge for Support Staff

With support staff playing such a crucial role in delivering interventions for the most mathematically vulnerable, we will look at the knowledge needed to deliver an intervention in small, manageable steps. This will include specific subject knowledge and the pedagogical delivery of an intervention.

Teaching 3D Art Sequences 

A practical session where we develop staff subject knowledge using clay and ‘Modroc’ to create sculptures, using inspiration from famous notable artists and craft makers

Teaching Effective Music Sequences

This session aims to equip participants with a range of strategies and materials to deliver music within the primary curriculum with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. It will enhance the understanding of progression and the holistic delivery of the music curriculum and will model ways of making meaningful cross curricular links.

Supporting Early Language and Reading in EYFS and Outdoor Learning Environments 

The morning session will explore how to support early language development and reading in EYFS continuous provision, looking at best practice from schools. It will consider the role of the adult in creating a language rich environment. The afternoon session will explore outstanding outdoor learning environments that support children to develop their language skills, their self-regulation and their executive function in order to become creative and resilient learners.

DT - Teaching Monitoring, CONtrol and Complex Switches 

This half-day practical course will run through the ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of monitoring, control and complex switches in the D&T curriculum for KS2. You will gain experience of different hardware to use in class and learn how to bring units to life, adding extra intelligence to your pupils’ projects with microcontrollers and more complex electrical outcomes.

Developing Geographical Skills

A hands-on course which begins by considering each of the geographical skills in turn (vocabulary, graphicacy, enquiry, maps, critical thinking and fieldwork). We go on to explore i) what your immediate school locality offers in terms of being able to use it to develop teaching and learning in geography and ii) ideas for fieldwork activities that develop geographical skills. The course will provide both classroom-based and out-of-classroom ideas for engaging learning experiences.

Developing the use of the 'Outdoor' Classroom

This practically-based day is designed to develop the confidence and knowledge of primary school staff in taking learning outside the classroom in the school grounds and local green spaces. The course will introduce and apply a range of free to use and purchasable resources including the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel ‘Outdoor Learning’ cards. Whilst the principles will be relevant to all, it will be aimed at practitioners in upper KS1 and KS2.

Developing the Teaching of Latin 

This session is aimed at those who are new to teaching Latin at primary level. You will be introduced to the Brooke Weston Primary Curriculum for Latin & Classical Civilisation and will be shown how to navigate through it as well as deliver it effectively. The logic and pedagogy behind how the curriculum has been crafted will be explained in detail and you will be supported to incorporate your learning in Latin and Classics lessons into other areas of the curriculum, such as geography, history and Religious education.

Forest School 

Forest School is a unique educational experience and process, which offers children the opportunity to succeed and develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands-on learning experiences in a natural and outdoor environment. This course will offer a taster of a Forest School session, with many aspects, such as: den building, whittling, exploring the natural environment and cooking a snack on an open fire. This session will be held at Peckover Primary School.