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The following courses are aimed at developing pedagogy of class teachers, classroom assistants and senior leaders.


features of most effective schools and teachers

What do teachers do in order to create spaces that are calm, safe dignified places where learning is optimised? This session outlines the research and field work findings from Tom’s career about what highly effective educators do, from creating clear, high expectations, to understanding that behaviour must be taught, not merely told. This course costs £100 per delegate.

closing attainment gaps

This session will explore how to develop a long term school vision and strategy to place addressing disadvantage and improving outcomes for all pupils at the core. It will look at emerging evidence and school based examples of what is working well to both support post Covid-19 recovery and disadvantaged pupils.

Basic IT Training

Using the Cloud/OneDrive: This session will focus on using Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage to access your files efficiently. From anywhere. You will find out how to share access to files without sending the file itself. We will explore new ways of working collaboratively using Microsoft 365 in the cloud.

Basic Excel: Let’s get our cells in order! In this session we will answer your questions relating to Microsoft Excel. Come and learn the basics for sorting data and looking up values – converting a score to a grade perhaps.

IT Basics for Beginners: This session will start at the beginning! We will get you started using computers and IT. Bring along your questions and we’ll show you what to do.

effective teaching of reading in ks2

Over the three sessions, we will focus on the ‘principles into practice’ for reading in KS2. We will look closely at how you can build reading accuracy and fluency though the use of a developed reading routine. There will be a clear focus on reading for choice and pleasure. All of the content will be focused on the long term goal of developing skilled readers. The course will include practical strategies, free resources and takeaways which can be used in the classroom straight away...

Class teaching for HLTAs and Cover Supervisors

This session will explore how to create a purposeful classroom climate, how to promote positive attitudes to learning in children and how to challenge passive learning. We will look at key areas of pedagogy that are vital when providing high quality cover such as questioning, feedback and retrieval practice as well as exploring areas of cognitive science that can help develop an understanding of how children learn and how this can be used to influence classroom practice.

Scaffolding learning for send in mainstream

The course will consider the focus on learners with SEND in the 2019 Ofsted Framework and how to develop a whole school approach to inclusion which puts pupils with SEND at the centre. It will explore curriculum design for inclusion and a range of approaches to supporting pupils with SEND within mainstream classes.

Developing Outstanding Pedagogy based on rosenshines principles 

This course consists of a series of sessions exploring the cognitive science of how children learn and practical classroom strategies to support this based on the work of Rosenshine. It is recommended that delegates attend all five dates for the maximum benefit.

Developing the Teaching of Phonics across your school 

The training provided in this session will support you in implementing a systematic and synthetic phonics program across your school. We will also look at effective ways to teach phonics outside of a phonics session and how best to support the children who are not on track to pass the Year One screening test.

Planning for different groups

This session helps subject leaders to use external inspection frameworks as school improvement tools. One of the biggest challenges can be how to approach curriculum adaptation and delivery, especially with PP, SEND, catch up and other areas of provision. This session will help demonstrate systemic approaches for leaders to consider and adapt to their schools.

Supporting Children with Dyslexia 

This session will look at dispelling the myths of dyslexia, finding out what it is, the impact it has on learners and strategies to support in the classroom.

Lesson study for school improvement

Lesson Study or Collaborative Lesson Research is an enquiry-based model that allows schools to explore an element of their curriculum. In this session you will be guided through the process, step-by-step, and see how it can be used as a key tool for school improvement and developing an evidence informed culture in your school. Delegates should attend all three sessions as the training is developmental.

KS1 & KS2 Moderation 

The main aim of this session is to provide teachers with responsibility for Year 2 and Year 6 with the opportunity to moderate childrens’ work alongside each other. Teachers will develop an understanding of the moderation process and how to prepare for it.

Effective Questioning for Support Staf 

This session will help those great support staff who may be looking for prompts, nudges and common sense ways of ‘getting more’ from pupils and helping children build up their speaking, thinking and memory capacity. ‘Appropriate discussion’ is one of the most important elements of learning, especially when we are working with small groups or individuals.

Developing Same Day Intervention in your school 

Same day intervention is a way of ensuring that pupils do not leave the classroom confused today, and then compound the issues and misconceptions tomorrow because they struggled. Short, purposeful, same day interventions gives a child the boost to get them back on track and this session will show you how to achieve this.