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This course is designed for Governors, Principals and senior leaders.

Knowing your school – For Governors 

These sessions are aimed at Governors to help them better understand their school’s improvement priorities and the school self-evaluation.

This course is split into three sessions and covers:

• Holding school leaders to account – This session helps Governors work in partnership with school leaders to develop a strategic plan and monitor all-round performance, not just test results. This will help Governors to ask challenging and informed questions confidently.

• Monitoring, evaluating and ensuring impact around Pupil Premium, SEND and sports funding – This session is aimed at Governors to ensure they fully understand the knowledge, skills and expectations of Pupil Premium; catch up funding and SEND data.

• School data and inspection dashboard for Governors – This workshop aims to show Governors what they need to focus on and and how to support and challenge the leadership team in light of the school data.