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Peckover Primary - ‘an exciting place’ with ‘a strong reputation’

Peckover Primary - ‘an exciting place’ with ‘a strong reputation'

Peckover Primary School, part of the Brooke Weston Trust, has been praised for its exciting curriculum, strong teamwork and inspirational leadership. Following a short Ofsted inspection it was found to be ‘an exciting place for pupils to learn and staff to teach’ and ‘inspirational leadership and very efficient and effective management’ contributed to it ‘fast developing a strong reputation.’

The staff received praise for their motivation, professional development and willingness to learn and pupils, including those who found learning difficult or who were new to learning English, left the school ‘very well prepared for the next stage of their learning.’

The report focused on Peckover’s engaging curriculum: ‘You have successfully raised attendance by making the curriculum more exciting … Pupils were excited about sharing their knowledge with the Mayor of Wisbech who was due to take afternoon tea on their re-creation of the Titanic the following day. The school gives all pupils an equal opportunity to gain inspiration.’ Attendance has improved due to the development of ‘an exciting curriculum that pupils find too good to miss’ and in the early years ‘children are engaged in their learning from the start.’

Lessons were praised and the report noted: ‘You are involving pupils very imaginatively to take responsibility for their learning … Lessons are conscientiously prepared and efficiently managed … Levels of challenge in Years 5 and 6 are particularly high. In these classes staff use their knowledge of individual pupils expertly to target questions, group pupils and intervene skilfully.’ Years 5 and 6 also made ‘strong progress in reading and writing’ due to ‘exemplary teaching.’  

The report stated that staff ‘work very well together’ and ‘value opportunities to learn from others.’ ‘The teaching staff… appear highly motivated and pass on their enthusiasm to the children … Strong teamwork contributes to pupils feeling safe and supported. Teachers and teaching assistants work together to support pupils’ learning … Middle leaders approach their subject and phase roles very professionally.’

Principal Carrie Norman and the senior team have ensured that the school has ‘flourished’. The inspection said: ‘Inspirational leadership and very efficient and effective management’ contributed to the school’s fast growing reputation. ‘Senior leaders inspire teachers, teaching assistants and support staff to develop professionally.’ They show ‘very efficient and effective management’ and the governing body and board of directors ‘combine well to support and challenge school leaders.’

The school has a ‘calm and cohesive ethos’ and is ‘a safe and supportive place for all pupils’ with safeguarding that is ‘highly visible.’ A ‘strength’ of the school is pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development with ‘high quality care and a curriculum that provides pupils with rich first hand experiences.’ A parent praised school leaders for ‘promoting friendships between pupils from different backgrounds and cultures as a way of learning more about the wider world’. It was noted ‘the whole school community is very proud of its achievements.’

The report told the Principal and senior team: ‘Your success and creativity in continuously improving the school … show that you are well placed to realise your aim of making Peckover equally strong throughout.’

The school was judged as continuing to be good following the one-day inspection in March.

Principal Carrie Norman said: ‘This is an incredibly positive report and I am very proud of my staff whose hard work and commitment makes our school a vibrant learning community. Their strong teamwork has been highlighted as well as their motivation and enthusiasm. We are thrilled by what we have achieved so far and look forward to working together with the governing body and Brooke Weston Trust to ensure that Peckover Primary School goes from strength to strength.’  

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