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Centre For Professional Development

The Brooke Weston Trust Centre for Professional Development provides high quality professional development opportunities for colleagues at all levels and in all roles across the Trust. It is run by a cross-phase team, including primary, secondary and support staff who work together to create a research-informed, comprehensive offer that is relevant to colleagues at every career stage.


I believe passionately in your professionalism and want to provide you with every opportunity to fulfil your personal career ambitions with us.

Dr Andrew Campbell, CEO of Brooke Weston Trust


Professional Development opportunities and benefits available for colleagues at Brooke Weston Trust


Brooke Weston Trust Leadership Academy

The Brooke Weston Trust Leadership Academy is an exciting initiative designed to nurture talent and ensure good succession planning across our family of schools. The Leadership Academy Steering Group works with the CEO of the Trust to put together a programme of training for staff at all levels who are showing they have high potential to be future leaders within the Trust. The Leadership Academy’s training offer includes bespoke training events, personal coaching and career planning advice, as well as opportunities to shadow senior leaders via secondments to other Trust schools in different contexts.

The Leadership Academy Steering Group is chaired by Jane MacDonald, who is the Director of the Primary Training Hub and leads professional development across the primary school sector. Email to find out more about the Leadership Academy, or put forward topics and ideas for the Steering Group to consider.

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Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub

Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub was designated by the DfE as a centre of excellence for teacher development in Northamptonshire in February 2021, with Brooke Weston Academy named as its lead school. The designation was renewed in 2024, which means that the Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub will continue to support schools until 2028.

Both Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub and Brooke Weston Academy are part of the Brooke Weston Trust (BWT) family.

Through collaboration and partnership with national providers, local partners and curriculum hubs, Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub delivers core functions to support schools and trusts to invest in their workforce to recruit, grow, develop and retain the very best teachers, support staff and leaders across the golden thread of teacher development.

We encourage all colleagues to support the work of the NTSH and teachers can apply to be Expert Teacher Educators with the Hub.

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Chartered College of Teaching

The Chartered College of Teaching introduced Institutional Member Status in 2023 to recognise and celebrate the growing number of schools, trusts and organisations who commit to professional learning and evidence-informed practice through the Chartered College of Teaching for their staff.

Brooke Weston Trust was awarded Institutional Member status in December 2023. This recognises the work that the Trust has done to support the Chartered College’s mission to empower a knowledgeable and respected profession through membership and accreditation.

Brooke Weston Trust offers free membership of the Chartered College of Teaching for all teachers and teaching assistants in the Trust. Members of the Chartered College of Teaching have access to the award-winning journal ‘Impact,’ and the world’s largest education and research database, as well as networks and webinars and ‘round tables’.

We have developed Brooke Weston Trust CPD programmes that complement the Chartered Teacher modules, and support teachers to achieve Chartered Teacher Status. The programmes are led by BWT staff in partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching, and they are open to all teachers at Brooke Weston Trust.

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I believe you should be supported to work brilliantly as a whole school team and in smaller teams across your school or the trust.

Dr Andrew Campbell, CEO of Brooke Weston Trust


Financial Support for Master’s Level Study


Master’s in Education (M Ed) with Brooke Weston Trust and the University of Leicester

Brooke Weston Trust works in partnership with the University of Leicester to deliver an innovative Master’s in Education programme, which is bespoke to the learning needs of teachers and leaders in Brooke Weston Trust schools. In the first year of the programme, sessions take place at the Brooke Weston Trust Centre for Professional Development. Participants learn alongside colleagues in other Brooke Weston Trust schools, including both primary and secondary. The remaining part of the programme takes place online and at the University of Leicester.

All teachers are eligible to apply, and successful applicants will receive funding from Brooke Weston Trust that will cover half the fees for the course.

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Brooke Weston Trust and Teach First

Brooke Weston Trust will support Teach First Ambassadors to turn their Diploma in Education into a master’s degree by engaging in a third year of part-time study. All Teach First Ambassadors are eligible to apply, and successful applicants will receive funding from Brooke Weston Trust that will cover half the fees for the course. Ambassadors can choose which university to apply to.

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I believe we should encourage and celebrate you exercising your skilled judgement in the best interests of the children in your care, so I will never insist on a "one size fits all" approach, though we do and should have lots in common.

Dr Andrew Campbell, CEO of Brooke Weston Trust