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Beanfield's Extended Provision Unit described as ‘perfect’ by County Council

Northamptonshire County Council are so impressed with Beanfield Primary School’s Extended Provision that they have asked its manager to mentor other child care providers.

Extended provision is care that extends before and beyond the normal school day and now every provider, including children’s centres, schools and holiday clubs, is being audited to ensure they provide the best quality care.

In its latest audit Northamptonshire County Council described Beanfield Primary school’s Extended Provision unit as ‘perfect’ and ‘brilliant’. They have asked Beanfield’s manager, Sarah Fleming to become a mentor to new settings and are placing a case study of the unit on their website.

Beanfield’s provision is available to all students aged 3-11 years and provides what Sarah calls ‘wrap around’ care:  ‘We are available from 7am until 6pm and during the holidays, that’s why we call it complete wrap around care as we aim to be there for children at all times. Our aim is to nurture the children, making sure they are safe and that they have fun. We ensure that they are looked after and all their needs are met and our goal is to make a difference to their lives.’

Attended by up to 30 students, the provision provides a structured environment where students can participate in activities including crafts, construction, baking, outdoor play, team building games and help with homework. One parent said ‘Since using the provision my son is very excited to attend each morning and talks all about the different activities. It gives me peace of mind, as I know he is happy, respected and comfortable. The staff are lovely and since joining I have noticed a real improvement in his confidence.’

Sarah said ‘We have an amazing team in Extended Provision. They provide the commitment and have the best interests of both the children and families at heart. They give everything they have to provide nurturing care, and a safe and fun environment for the children. I am so proud of all of them and this audit has confirmed the hard work and dedication the team have put into the provision.’

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