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Trust Primary Inset training

Hundreds of our Trust primary teachers and teaching assistants collaborated on a training day that enabled them to meet their peers and share ideas. As well as the focus on moderating writing, Reading and Maths marking across the schools, it was also an opportunity to network and share best practice within their year group specialisms.

The training was hosted at Beanfield Primary School. Principal Leyton Smith said: ‘This is the first time that all staff from Kettering and Corby Trust primaries have come together so there are about 150 staff here sharing good practice.‘

Sharing ideas and best practice

Year 1 teacher, Mandy Mutch, from Oakley Vale, said: ‘It is an informal opportunit to see that are we levelling and check-listing to the same standards across the Trust. It has been really valuable for me, as a new member of staff, to check that we are on the right lines. It is having the opportunity to see the strategies used by other schools. We are trying to cross over and support each other as much as we can and it is a really supportive atmosphere. The point is how can we improve things that already good and collaboration is the best way forward.’

Teachers from across our Kettering and Corby primaries.

Becky Bradbury, who teaches EYFS said: We have been looking at different writing levels to see who is emerging, who is expected and who is exceeding the early learning goals. It has been brilliant, we have had the opportunity to talk about good practice in our classrooms and it has been really effective.’

Becky Annetts from Oakley Vale said: ‘It has been useful looking at other books to confirm our judgements and is a great opportunity to  visit a different school and see their resources and classroom displays so the whole day is really useful in terms of sharing ideas.’  

Trust CEO Dr Andrew Campbell said: ‘It is fantastic to see professionals from all over the Trust coming together to share, learn from each other and to help improve the standards of what we do in the classroom. The more of this we can do then the better and I am really delighted to see so many people enjoying themselves and obviously getting so much out of the training.’

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Trust CEO Dr Andrew Campbell with some of our Early Years Foundation Stage teachers.

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