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New Extended Provision accommodation at Beanfield

The Extended Provision at Beanfield Primary school has moved into its new permanent home, a newly renovated self-contained building complete with its own toilet and kitchens.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Manager Sarah Fleming said, ‘Since opening two and a half years ago we have moved around the school many times, but this is now our permanent home. The accommodation is purpose built and is now perfect for the Extended Provision and all of our needs. It is a very bright, stimulating, safe environment where the students can take part in lots of varied nurturing activities such as baking, arts and crafts and team games. We are open from 7am until 6pm during term time and the holidays and offer a safe, caring and fun environment where parents can feel happy that their child will be looked after while they are at work.

‘In the future we are hoping to link a canopy from the building to the school so that when it is raining we will still have some outdoor activities available. We hope to use the building for community use as well. Extended Provision is an integral part of the school as it enables us to offer our families the whole package of social, emotional and nurturing care for their children; along with the academic side as well.’

Student Jessica Beckley said ‘I love the new Extended Provision Unit. It is very colourful and and you can do lots of new things in it. I really enjoy coming to Extended Provision and my mum can drop me off and I can play here until the end of the day and make lots of new friends.’

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