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Product Designers visit Coca-Cola

Year 9 Product Design students from Corby Technical School were given an insight into a major brand during one of our latest trips.

So far two groups of students have visited Coca-Cola Enterprise’s manufacturing site at Milton Keynes to see the Monster Energy drink production line and learn about the engineering apprenticeships on offer at Coca-Cola.

The students also learned about the history of Coca-Cola and were challenged to produce a design brief for a new drink.

CTS Teaching Assistant Caroline Walpole accompanied the students on our first visit.

She said: “The students were amazed by how quick the production process is. It takes 1.5 seconds for a new bottle to be filled, labelled and date stamped.

“They were then split into groups and were challenged to come up with their own drinks. They had to make sure the packaging they used for their product could be recycled and they had to consider who their product was aimed at, what the product was and the cost.

“The Coca-Cola staff members were very impressed with our students and how enthusiastic they were.”

A group of Year 9 engineers will visit the site to find out about its engineering processes later in the year.

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