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KSA students beat teams from across five counties to win physics competition

Four of Kettering Science Academy’s most gifted and talented science students were awarded the top prizes at a regional Super Physics competition.

The team of budding young scientists demonstrated their vast knowledge of Physics at the East Midlands contest at Uppingham Community College in Leicestershire on Friday, 1st July.
During the day they competed against 27 schools from across five counties in the East Midlands region to be awarded top marks.
KSA Science Teacher Louise Oliver said: “The students had to complete five short experiments and two long investigations during the morning to earn points. These were on subjects such as finding the focal point of a lens, how energy changes in a springy toy and measuring the extension of different arrangements of springs. They also had to produce a poster inspired by the science behind one of the activities and they chose magnetism.”
The students knocked out other teams to make it into the top ten and then had to give a presentation.
Miss Oliver said: “The students were thrilled to be chosen to present their talk and they worked hard to prepare a lively demonstration that included coiling themselves with copper coloured paper to show how to make electromagnets stronger, how electromagnets could attract heavy objects like cars and how the Earth's magnetic field can influence migrating birds, as demonstrated by Monika. The judges complimented the KSA team on how lively, humorous and interesting their talk was, as well as how much scientific knowledge they had included in a short time.”

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