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Top performing students congratulated by local MP

High achieving Sixth Formers at Thomas Clarkson Academy have been presented with congratulatory notes from local MP Stephen Barclay following their exceptional GCSE exam results this summer.

Mr Barclay asked for the names of the school’s top performers and he wrote each of them a personalised letter congratulating them on their hard work and giving them encouragement  for their future studies. Principal Mrs Hill presented the students with their letters, typed on official House of Commons stationery, and told the students how proud she was of their endeavours.

Between them the ten students achieved a staggering 14 A*, 35 A and 35 B graded GCSEs, plus 7 Distinction * BTECs,  and they are all in the Sixth Form at Thomas Clarkson academy, many working towards four A Levels and all aiming for places at top level universities.

Congratulations to Connor Atkins, Alicia Baghdouyan, Naomi Baxter, Courtney Beckett, Charlotte Cameron, Susan Farg, Lola Lynn, Lauran Seekings, Harry Spriggs and Livvi Williams.

Head Girl Charlotte said: ‘We are all very grateful that Mr Barclay took time out of his busy schedule to get in touch with us. It was amazing to receive these letters and they are very much appreciated.’

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