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Sharing best practice in MFL

The inaugural meeting of the Trust MFL secondary teachers was an opportunity to network, discuss strategy and share best practice. Nearly 30 teachers from across our five schools met for the session, led by Trust Director of MFL, Melanie Navarro-Marin.

The meeting began with each school showcasing their ideas and resources then the group split into  specialiams of French, German and Spanish to meet counterparts from other schools  to discuss ideas.

One of the topics was the new GCSE currently being taught to Year 10 students that will be examined next summer. There was discussion about grade descriptors and future meetings will ensure that everyone has the same focus Trust-wide. There are plans for three large secondary meetings per year, although the Heads of Department will meet up more frequently.

Mrs Navarro-Marin said: ‘If we agree on certain things we can get them into our practice before the next academic year so we are all set up. We will look at how we move forward with Y11 languages so we can get the best results so students are well prepared.

‘It is about sharing good practice and learning from each other. No one has all the answers but together we can agree on strategy, such as training for the speaking and writing exams. Our teachers were really looking forward to making contact because usually when you come back from a course one of the best things is networking, getting to know people and sharing resources.  We are also going to set up online communications between us all so we can get resources in the same place for  KS3, KS4 and KS5 and keep in touch much more frequently.’

Corby Technical School’s Head of Department, Constanze Wagner-Lees said: ‘It was a great net-working opportunity amongst MFL teachers across the Brooke Weston Trust. As a result, the MFL team at CTS felt that the foundations had been laid for a very productive future collaboration on matters which apply to all. It was a pleasure to attend a purposeful and well-structured first meeting with more to come.’

Stephen Reid, the Head of Department at Kettering Science Academy said: 'The opportunity to share effective practice and meet with subject colleagues from our partner schools was very much appreciated by the team at KSA.  We came away feeling part of bigger team and with great new ideas to support our students' learning.  Having had time to discuss strategies to teach the new GCSE was incredibly useful.'

Mrs Clarisse Nijang from Thomas Clarkson Academy said: 'Meeting and sharing ideas for the first time with all MFL staff across the Brooke Weston Trust was a great way to move forward. I left feeling more confident and I now look forward to future collaboration and working as a team whilst sharing ideas and supporting each other.'

Nadege Price from Brooke Weston Academy said: 'I was very pleased to meet the whole team of each academy rather than just the HODs. We need to plan more events in this style to give us a real opportunity to share resources and teaching styles. I know that another informal meeting has been discussed and I am looking forward to attending it.'

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