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Taylor’s 100% attendance record!

Well done to Sixth Form student Taylor Cordell who has a 100% attendance record at Thomas Clarkson Academy, having not missed a single day since she started there in 2011!

Taylor was awarded with an engraved Parker pen and vouchers from the Wisbech Giraffe Restaurant to mark her exemplary attendance. Mr Liam Nixon, a former TCA student and now a Giraffe shift leader, said: ‘I know how important it is to have good attendance at school so providing some vouchers is our way of saying well done to a student who has obviously been very conscientious, we are pleased to be a part of supporting young people in Wisbech!'

Thomas Clarkson Academy actively encourages and works with students to be in school as much as possible. This has meant that attendance there has risen steadily over the last five years from 91.1% in 2012/13 to 93.9%, and, although this is still below the national average, they are closing the gap! Good attendance is vital as it has been proved that having 17 days off across a whole year can reduce a student’s grades by a whole level at GCSE.

Taylor, who is studying English Literature and Psychology A Levels plus a BTEC in Travel and Tourism, said: ‘After I leave TCA I would like to go to university to do a teaching degree and go on to become a primary school teacher. I didn't find it difficult to keep my attendance up I just came everyday no matter how I felt, because staying at home wasn't going to help me learn anything and all my doctors and dentist appointments have been after school time. 

‘The thing I like most about the school is that it is a place where I feel safe and the teachers are friendly and approachable.  I think that it is important to have 100% attendance because it makes you look you reliable and committed.’

Taylor is pictured collecting her engraved pen and vouchers from Mr Gerwyn Williams who has been a Progress Leader for the time that she has been at TCA.

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