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Health and Safety training in PE

Representatives from each of our Trust secondary schools had Health and Safety training about safe practice in PE, that gave advice on legalities, best practice and other topics including first aid.

The session was facilitated by  Peter Whitlam from the Association for Physical Education. He said: ‘We are the national association for the subject and we advocate that teachers undertake this training every year. Our publication ‘Safe Practice’ is national guidance and  based on good practice and case law. It is a resource for teachers to access as a safe standard and approved practice to work to.

'All too often governors and Trustees aren’t aware of this sort of provision and they need to be, because a number of Trusts actually use the publication as the basis for their safe practice policies and procedures. As it is national it needs to be made specific for each school and department, but it is  a good base from which to work. If schools and individuals work within that then they are reassured that it is good and safe teaching.’

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