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Generous firm donates 25 Raspberry Pis to Corby Technical School

A global distributor of electronic, electrical and industrial components has donated 25 Raspberry Pis to Corby Technical School.

RS Components has presented the school with 25 of its limited edition blue board Raspberry Pis which are credit card sized computers that plug into a computer monitor or television, and use a standard keyboard and mouse.

They can be used in electronics projects and enable people to learn computer programming.

CTS Vice Principal Linda Arnold said: “We are absolutely delighted that RS Components has chosen to support us in this way.

“We have got lots of plans for how our students will use the Raspberry Pis and we look forward to further strengthening our links with RS Components in the future.”

The students have already used the Raspberry Pis to power a robot which can be driven around and transmit images to a mobile phone.

The Raspberry Pis can also be used as a data logger and could record data from science experiments and the weather.

(Pictured are Year 9 students Dimitrij, Jess, Nathan and Joe with the new Raspberry Pis)

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