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  • Beanfield Primary School opens new ‘Sharing Shed’ to give back to the local community

    Published 01/02/23

    Beanfield Primary School have created a ‘Sharing Shed’ containing school uniform, coats, hats, scarves and shoes for its families to use when they need them.

    The school has been looking at different ways it can support its families as the cost of living continues to rise. With funding provided by the Member Empowerment Fund from North Northants Council, the school were able to create a ‘Sharing Shed’ for children and parents at the school to use.

    All items of clothing that make up the school’s uniform are now displayed outside, with the shed opening daily for parents to collect clothing as and when they need it. This will allow parents to help themselves to any items anonymously rather than having to ask staff first.

    Sarah Fleming, Safeguarding and Behaviour Manager at the school, said: “We understand that some parents may face anxiety or might be too embarrassed to ask for help when they need it. However, this sharing shed takes away this factor and allows a safe place for parents to go to and use without any fear of judgement.

    “At Beanfield Primary School, our team are incredibly passionate about being there for our young people and their families at times when they need it most. We are extremely grateful for this grant and would like to thank North Northants Council for providing us with the resources to really show our support and hopefully ease some of the financial pressures that our families might face.”

    Cllr Jean Addison, who was involved in providing funding to the school, said: “Cllr Alison Dalziel and I are very pleased that we were able to contribute money from our Councillor Empowerment Fund to this worthwhile project.  We understand the pressures that parents and carers are under during these difficult times, and we are sure that this project will be of benefit to parents and students at Beanfield Primary School going forward.”

    The school also provide other means of support to families through regular food bank donations. If you would like more information on this, please contact the school at:

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  • Thinking of a career in teaching?

    Published 26/01/23

    Thinking of a Career in Teaching?

    Train to Teach with Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub

    The School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme is a one year teacher-training course which enables you to train and develop your skills in the classroom.

    Our SCITT course is ideal for people who are eager to learn on the job and make a difference in their community from day one. As a trainee, you’ll be interacting every day with pupils and working as a member of teaching staff in a school local to you.

    Our research-led programme is designed to give you plenty of practical experience as well as subject-specific training and a deep understanding of effective teaching methods.

    You’ll be in the classroom from September 2023 and will benefit from the support of a trained mentor throughout your training. At the end of our programme, you’ll be awarded qualified teacher status (QTS) and postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE).

    We are recruiting now for September 2023 in Secondary phase subjects:

    English*, Maths*, Geography* and History.

    *Generous government bursaries available



    Join our forthcoming events to learn more:

    Speak to our friendly ITT Advisor, Charlie: 01536 397013 or email

    Or apply for your teacher training course today:

    Make a difference | Change Lives | Brighter Future

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  • Diversity and Inclusion Leader meets with the new student Diversity Committee at BWA

    Published 23/01/23

    Year 13 student leader of Diversity and Inclusion, Isabel Offor, held the inaugural meeting with the newly appointed student Diversity Committee to discuss and share ideas to build an inclusive environment for all at Brooke Weston Academy.

    Speaking about the role, Isabel said: "There are 20 students on the committee ranging from Year 8 through to Year 10 who are all looking at ideas on how to improve diversity and inclusion. 

    The first meeting went very well and the input I received from all the students was very insightful. It has allowed me to see issues from their perspective and how to go about improving diversity and inclusion at Brooke Weston Academy.

    "I believe it's important to have a diversity committee here at Brooke Weston to allow the student body to embrace ideas that they feel made not be heard, and give them the opportunity to provide an impact that can benefit everyone."

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  • Community spirit shines as Corby businesses come together to support local school

    Published 16/12/22

    Beanfield Primary School, part of Brooke Weston Trust, was delighted to receive some generous donations from local businesses, staff and volunteers, helping to provide support for the school’s families over the winter period.

    Every year, Beanfield Primary School helps to provide support for its families, particularly over the festive season and at a time when they may need it most. This year, the school has been especially overwhelmed with the offers of donations, having received an influx of support compared to previous years.

    Sarah Fleming, Safeguarding and Behaviour Manager at the school and organiser of this initiative, encourages families to reach out for support as and when they need it. During this academic year, Sarah has found that the requests for support have been higher than ever as the cost of living continues to rise.

    To help support these families, the school were delighted to receive some generous donations provided by the local community over the Winter period. Donations have included:

    • £3000 in Asda vouchers from RS Components
    • £1500 in Asda vouchers from a private donator
    • A private donator provides a whole family Christmas presents
    • A staff member's family provided enough food for 26 Christmas food parcels
    • Barclays Specialist Care Ltd provides presents and a Christmas dinner for a family
    • Community Trade Union providing ‘Breakfast with Santa’ for 200 people
    • Tata Steel providing a present from Santa and a voucher for all who attended the breakfast
    • 15 staff volunteering their time to host the breakfast
    • Beanfield Primary School staff buying 108 presents for its pupils 

    Sarah said: “It is heart-warming to see so many individuals, companies and charities offer their support. The breakfast with Santa was the first time we have ever carried out such an event, all of which would not have been possible without Tata Steel reaching out and asking what they could do to help our families.

    “Looking after the welfare of our children and families is at the heart of everything we do at Beanfield, and we are immensely proud and grateful to our community for working with us to provide our families with presents, food items and Christmas treats during the festive period.

    “We have built up wonderful relationships with our families and are very humbled that they can come to us for anything that they need. The well-being team work tirelessly to support our families, not just at Christmas but all year round. We are very grateful to the staff that volunteer to make all this possible and thankful to the Corby community for always supporting us.”

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  • Corby Business Academy bring festive community cheer as students take to the stage for annual Winter Showcase ​​​​​​​

    Published 12/12/22

    Over the past few weeks, students from Corby Business Academy, part of Brooke Weston Trust, have enjoyed participating in a series of Christmas concerts, performing to more than 2,000 members across the Corby community.

    Corby Business Academy (CBA) provided performances to other local schools in the area including Beanfield Primary School and Gretton Primary Academy (who are also part of Brooke Weston Trust) and to Priors Hall School, as well as its own school community, culminating in a grand Winter Showcase which was held on Thursday 15th December.

    The Winter Showcase featured many ensembles from the school’s Music Department including the Concert Band, CBA Singers, Brass ensemble, Big Band as well as a joint effort of 'The 12 Days of Christmas' song sung by members of the audience.

    The concert also featured some talented soloists including Corby Business Academy’s Year 11 students Holly who performed a rendition of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and Viktor who performed ‘The Snowman’ by Sia.

    Other soloists include Michella in Year 8 on the clarinet, Atiya in Year 10 on the saxophone, Grace in Year 10 for her vocals and Courtney in Year 9 also for her vocals.

    Simon Underwood, Principal at Corby Business Academy, said: “We are immensely proud of all the musicians who have performed over the past week. They have been such hard-working individuals who have represented the academy extremely well.

    “It was excellent to see us all being able to celebrate the Christmas period together and to showcase our students’ talents.

    “They did such a wonderful job performing in front of a live audience whilst also helping them to gain more confidence and improve their showmanship.”

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  • SEND provision plans for Brooke Weston Trust

    Published 07/12/22

    Andy Burns, Chief Education Officer of Brooke Weston Trust tells us about his future-proofing plans for SEND provision

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  • Celebrating the work of our Equality & Inclusion Group ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Published 25/11/22

    At Brooke Weston Trust, we recognise diversity within our workforce and want to create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and able to be themselves.

    We have established our Equality Group in order to create and deliver our strategy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). The group is made up of employees from each of our 10 schools, who bring together experiences from diverse backgrounds. We come together once a term to review progress made towards our objectives, and put forward ideas, initiatives and robust challenge.

    Mark Taylor, Vice Principal at Kettering Science Academy and Chair of the Equality & Inclusion Group, and Santosh Sahota, a member of staff at Corby Technical School (CTS) and one of the representatives of the group, have explained the significance of the work the group is trying to achieve across our schools and how this is contributing to the future vision of the Trust as a whole.

    Creating a purpose

    Speaking about the vision of the group, Santosh said: “Our individual schools within the Trust have often been excellent at meeting the needs of their diverse communities. However, as a Trust, we’d never had specific benchmarks in place to collate these initiatives taking place across each of our schools and to track their progress. Mark Taylor has done an excellent job in forming this group, ensuring we work as a collective on this issue, can track our progress more easily, that we continue to be proactive and most importantly, that we’re delivering on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy.”

    A work in progress

    We are proud of the work the group has achieved in its first year. Mark said: “The group began by establishing our Equality Group Charter which sets out the appropriate behaviour of the group and which we are committed to enforcing and developing over time. We have also created a glossary of terms outlining common language that can be implemented across all our schools and within their curriculum.

    “To deepen our learning, we were lucky to welcome guest speaker Dr Paul Campbell, from the University of Leicester, who gave an insightful talk on some of the EDI work they have been doing at a university level, and how we can use this to strengthen our curriculum offering such as diversifying our use of imagery, videos and resources within lessons.”

    Santosh added: “At CTS, our student leaders have loved being actively involved with the Global Equality Collective, by helping to design student surveys for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Students were really pleased with their contribution and wanted to have an active voice in the process.

    “We also recently put together a cultural celebration event at the end of term. Our students loved participating in the event to showcase and celebrate the diversity within the school. The event celebrated a variety of cultures and languages through music, dance and song. This included a choir group singing in Polish, a recital in Telugu, a Bhangra dance display and an African inspired dance off.

    “Further initiatives as part of the event included our school catering team providing food inspired from around the world which was relevant to the ethnic groups we have in CTS and in form time, we asked students to decorate a print of their hands which we put together to create a world made up of hands that were representative of our students’ different cultures. The response from students was great to see and it really encouraged a sense of unity, inspired students to embrace their differences and backgrounds, gain a better understanding of their culture and build stronger relationships with one another. As a result of this positive impact and the success of the event, it will now become an annual initiative within the school, with the hopes it will become a Trust-wide event in the future.”

    The future is bright

    Looking to the future, Mark said: “Last year, we ran a school survey to evaluate what we were currently doing well and what could be improved. This year, we have opened this up to all members of staff employed within the Trust with our EDI survey to gain a broader perspective and determine what our priorities should be for the future.”

    Santosh continued: “There will always be more we could be doing and at the forefront of our work is our students, with their happiness and wellbeing being our main priority. Therefore, we will also be looking at forming a student voice group at both primary and secondary levels. Not only will this support our students’ needs, but it will strengthen the Trust’s promise to become a cultural centre of education, ensuring our students know how to be responsible and tolerant individuals and how to make a positive contribution to their society.”

    Being part of something bigger

    Santosh continued: “Being a part of this group has provided me with the opportunity to meet different colleagues from across BWT’s schools. Everyone contributes different ideas to the group, so to be able to collaborate, share best practices and resources, whilst adding value to my own role has been brilliant.

    “I’ve really enjoyed making a positive impact here at CTS and inspiring our schools to take on a different mindset towards the subject. My main aim has been to try and shape the perspective of equality and diversity amongst our schools, so they can see it as a celebration and an exciting opportunity for change.”

    Interested in supporting our equality and inclusion work?

    We welcome and encourage members of staff to become involved in BWT’s equality and inclusion work. There are many ways to do this, whether it's through becoming a representative from your school, participating in our EDI survey or contributing your own ideas.

    If you would like to be more involved, please get in touch by emailing: mark.taylor@ketteringscienceacademy.or

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  • Staff Focus: C/Sgt George Abbott

    Published 25/11/22

    Site Supervisor, Corby Business Academy & Assistant School Staff Instructor for the CCF at Brooke Weston Trust

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  • Creating a provision that supports ‘Ambition For All’

    Published 23/11/22

    At Brooke Weston Trust, one of our core focus areas is helping all pupils to achieve their full potential. As part of this, we are committed to developing an education service that provides equality of opportunity and high achievement for each and every one of our pupils.

    Our specialist SEN unit provisions play an important role in delivering this commitment, providing education, support and facilities for over 100 children with Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans at both primary and secondary level.

    Gemma Cushing Vice principal and manager of the Special provision, at Beanfield Primary School and Clare Robinson, Unit Manager at Corby Business Academy, have been involved in the successful running of our two unit provisions and we caught up with them to find out about how their important work promotes the Trust’s values of providing ambition for all.

    How would you describe the unit provision?

    Speaking about the purpose of the unit provision, Gemma said: “The Special provision at Beanfield Primary School offers up to 55 pupils aged between 4-11 years who have Severe Learning Disabilities (SLD) or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) a carefully structured bespoke teaching and learning plan alongside opportunities for inclusion into wider school life to support our high aspirations for all pupils to achieve, regardless of their starting points.”

    Clare said: “Catering for over 75 pupils aged between 11-18, the unit provision at Corby Business Academy offers discrete and personalised care for young people with a range of learning difficulties including cognitive or communication impairment and autism. Many of our pupils who access this provision have complex needs, so it’s important that we offer small group sizes and specialist teaching, enabling them to thrive in an environment that’s inclusive and caring”.

    How do you promote an inclusive culture across both the unit provision and the main school?

    Both schools adapt the National Curriculum in terms of pace, level and delivery to ensure they meet the individual needs of the pupil, whilst keeping a focus on offering carefully structured access to the main school curriculum where appropriate. Gemma said: “Some of the work at the provision has to be independent from the main school to ensure we’re supporting the specific needs of our children. However, we have always tried to follow an inclusive culture throughout the whole school, allowing us to embed some of our practices alongside mainstream education.

    “As part of this inclusivity, we ensure all our pupils at Beanfield have access to a broad, balanced, creative and relevant curriculum. Each of our unit provision classes has a link mainstream class and a link teacher. This allows our teaching staff within the unit to work alongside the main school staff on joint curriculum initiatives, training days and where possible, opportunities to involve main school pupils in aspects of life of the special provision.”

    Claire added: “Due to the complexity of our pupils’ needs at secondary level, it’s rare that they will go into mainstream lessons. However, we work closely alongside the main school to ensure our pupils feel integrated into academy life and have access to as many enrichment activities and whole academy curriculum days as possible. For example, we’ve started working collaboratively with our nurture groups at Key Stage 3 and as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we held a garden party outside where the Year 7 and 8 Nurture Groups joined us. Pupils also enjoyed a recent event Celebrating a 100 years of BBC storytelling and some of our KS3 children enjoyed a collaborative History trip with mainstream pupils. In addition, our Key Stage 4 pupils have been participating in work experience across different areas of the Academy.”

    How do you get parents involved with the provision?

    One part of the unit provision that makes it an effective learning environment is through the establishment of strong and supportive partnership with the parents, ensuring that the voice of the child is heard and that they get the best out of their academic education. Gemma said: “Many of our children are non-verbal, so in order for us to be inclusive, we have to adapt our learning through the use of objects, symbols and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). This means that even if a child cannot verbally speak, they’re still able to communicate their needs, ideas and opinions to us.

    “In turn, this helps establish a successful partnership with our parents and carers as the more we can support our pupils to communicate, the more effectively we can provide feedback to parents on progress and attainment.”

    Claire added: “As part of our strong focus on the personal development of pupils, it is important to us that we liaise with the parents too as their child moves through the key transitions. This includes close contact and communication so we have a shared understanding of how we can offer our parents support. For example, in lockdown we spoke to parents regularly, conducting weekly well-being check ins. We also have an annual review with parents to assess and discuss their child’s progress against the EHC plan and their academic targets. Working collaboratively with pupils and their parents, we aim to achieve a shared understanding ensuring the best outcomes and life chances for the pupil’s future."

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  • Beanfield Primary School is proud to announce it has maintained its ‘Good’ Ofsted rating

    Published 22/11/22

    Staff and pupils at Beanfield Primary School are celebrating the results of their latest Ofsted inspection which found the school continues to be ‘Good’ in all areas with a ‘caring ethos’ and an ‘ambitious curriculum’.

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  • Schools across Brooke Weston Trust mark Remembrance Day ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Published 15/11/22

    Students and staff across Brooke Weston Trust schools paid their respects to those who lost their lives during special services and initiatives to commemorate Remembrance Day.

    Earlier in the week, cadets from all of our Northamptonshire schools, joined Corby Business Academy to participate in a Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Remembrance Parade. Andrew Campbell, CEO of Brooke Weston Trust, attended the event and our newest recruits were presented with half-star badges in recognition of their services with the cadets so far. 

    Other activities included a Remembrance assembly held at Brooke Weston Academy. Students who are part of The Brooke Weston Trust Combined Cadet Force led the assembly with a special presentation about the importance of Remembrance Day and why we wear the poppy as a mark of respect. Staff and students observed a minute’s silence as the poignant tune The Last Post was played while the cadets stood to attention and saluted.  

    The courage and sacrifice of those who served their countries were also acknowledged with a special mention made to Lance Corporal James Ashworth, from Corby, who was 23 years old when he died in the line of duty. His conduct in putting himself in front to protect his colleagues was rewarded with the Victoria Cross (VC), the first award of honour given since 2006.

    At Thomas Clarkson Academy, students and staff were able to gather together as a whole school on Friday morning to mark Armistice Day with a special service.

    It has been three years since everyone was able to join the event, which was led by Principal Richard Scott. He said: “It was wonderful to be able to have the whole academy together for such a special event. We have missed the annual service and hope it has prompted our students to ask questions and learn more about Armistice Day and what it means.”

    The service included a reading from Assistant Principal, Jon Siracusano who read a touching tribute written by Brooke Scott, a student at the school whose dad Lee died in Afghanistan while serving in the army. Brooke’s mum Nikki founded the charity ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’ which helps the children and families of those who have died while serving the country. 

    At Kettering Science Academy, Tony Segalini, Principal at the school led six assemblies, one to each year group on the importance of Remembrance Day. Students learnt more about the Pals Battalions, the awful casualties at the Battle of Somme and remembered those from the UK and across the Commonwealth who gave their lives for our freedom.

    Students at Corby Technical School held a special assembly which was streamed live to all tutor rooms. This was led by the school’s CCF students who read poetry by Laurence Binyon and John McCrae and observed a two-minute silence following The Last Post. Students then spent time in their tutor groups learning about the significance of Armistice Day and listening to Nimrod by Edward Elgar, which is played at the cenotaph every year. 

    At Beanfield Primary School, children who attend various organisations such as Scouts, Rainbows and St John’s Ambulance took pride in participating in Remembrance assemblies. The respect of all the children was highlighted throughout the morning and filled staff with a huge amount of pride.

    As part of Gretton Primary School’s annual traditions, the school participated in a fundraising initiative for the Royal British Legion. Donations to the Poppy Appeal helps provide ongoing vital support to the Armed Forces community, ensuring their unique contribution is never forgotten.

    Staff and students at Peckover Primary School all came together for a Remembrance service to remember lost ones. Children at the school all made their poppies which they proudly wore throughout the service and also included a rendition of The Last Post which was played by Mrs Tombleson, with representatives from 15th Wisbech Scout Group attending the service to act as flagbearers.

    At Compass Primary Academy, the school also held a Remembrance assembly and a two-minute silence to remember and honour those who lost their lives in World War 1 and the following conflicts. The school invited all children who are in the Girlguiding or Scouting movements to come to school wearing their Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Beavers, Cub or Scout uniform to act as representatives from their local community groups.

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  • BWT celebrates National School Meals Week

    Published 10/11/22

    Staff and students from schools across Brooke Weston Trust have been having fun learning about the great school food served daily by our professional team of caterers as part of National School Meals Week.

    National School Meals Week (7th – 11th November 2022), is an initiative started by the LACA – the school food people, with the aim to raise awareness for school catering services and how they contribute to the health of future generations. 

    The theme this year is ‘Together, we make a difference’ with green issues being at the forefront of the theme to coincide with COP27. Our Catering team have been working hard at providing balanced meals that not only have a positive effect on children’s attainment and development but also tackle environmental issues such as reducing food waste and increasing the number of plant-based foods on offer too.

    Throughout the week, there were five themes our schools could get involved in. These included:

    • Together, we make a difference launch – A fun day for BWT to launch our activities for the week
    • Go green lunch – A day to showcase the plant-based menus that we have on offer and what we are doing to get our children to engage and eat more
    • Our local lunch – A roast dinner day showcasing the best of local British produce and how we have been reducing our food miles
    • Eat more, waste less – A day to educate our children on reducing food waste, recycling and composting by creating a low energy lunch
    • VIP Day – A day to say thank you and celebrate our school catering team for the excellent service they provide

    If you’re interested in providing a hot school meal for your child, we encourage you to check if your child is eligible for free school meals by visiting:

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