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Ambition for All News

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  • A tailored approach to ‘Wellbeing’ in the curriculum at BWT

    Published 26/05/23

    At BWT we believe in ‘Ambition for all’ and as part of this ethos, we focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of all students across our schools.

    We’re proud to be ‘going the extra mile’ with embedding wellbeing into our curriculum, knowing how it supports the development of well-rounded, socially-responsible and ambitious young people.

    In this article, we hear from some of our senior specialists, including our Director of Primary School Improvement, Carrie Norman, who explains how the BWT curriculum has been designed to support wellbeing and the impact this is having on children across the Trust.

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  • Peckover Primary School opens new ‘Sharing Shed’

    Published 25/05/23

    Peckover Primary School has created a ‘Sharing Shed’ stocked with pre-loved school uniform, including coats and shoes for any of its families who may be finding the current financial situation challenging. 

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  • The BWT Journey from Primary to Secondary

    Published 22/05/23

    The move from Primary to Secondary school is a significant milestone for children and their families.

    At Brooke Weston Trust we take this responsibility very seriously, doing our utmost to make it a positive experience for every child.

    We spoke to some Trust students and our own Primary and Secondary Curriculum Leads, Carrie Norman and Adam Crawte, to find out more…


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  • Corby Business Academy delighted with ‘Good’ Ofsted rating

    Published 19/05/23

    Staff and students at Corby Business Academy are celebrating their newly announced ‘Good’ Ofsted rating this week.

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  • Bold plans for BWT’s Sustainability Agenda

    Published 18/05/23

    Our new Head of Estates and Sustainability, David McInally, is a qualified and passionate environmentalist. He lives in a fully insulated, low-energy house (that he retro-fitted himself) so his passion for the environment is both professional and personal.

    He is qualified in Facilities Management, Health & Safety and Environmental Management and is a chartered member of IOSH.

    With this impressive educational background and his 20 years of experience in the public sector, he is well-equipped for his new role here at Brooke Weston Trust.

    One of his main ambitions is to make the BWT buildings as sustainable as possible (with optimised running costs) beyond the government target for the public sector to be fully de-carbonised by 2050. The Department of Education has an even more ambitious deadline of 2030 for this very same goal, so David and his teams across the Trust have a huge challenge ahead of them.

    We spoke to him to find out more…

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  • Meet Tracy Bryant, our new (Interim) Head of People

    Published 15/05/23

    Tracy Bryant joined BWT as (interim) Head of People in March, bringing with her over 20 years of HR experience. Keen to share her expertise and passion for people, she’s quickly becoming part of the BWT family and making an impact on our Trust and our schools.

    We spoke to her recently, to find out more…

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  • Our schools celebrate the King's Coronation

    Published 05/05/23

    We enjoyed a wonderful week of celebrating the Coronation of King Charles.

    Here's a selection of just some of the fun we had... 

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  • Brooke Weston Trust caters for The Trust Network’s annual conference

    Published 17/04/23

    Last month, Corby Technical School once again hosted members of The Trust Network for their annual conference.

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  • How the Core team at Brooke Weston Trust is supporting our schools

    Published 04/04/23

    Michelle Wenham, Chief Operations and Resources Officer at Brooke Weston Trust, joined us a year ago and has been a key part of the recent organisational changes at the Trust. One such change has been a refocused central team, now called the ‘CORE team’ which is led by several ‘Heads of Profession’, who are dedicated to making the most efficient and effective use of the limited resources provided to the Trust.

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  • Olympic Swimmer visits Gretton Primary Academy

    Published 28/03/23

    Children from Gretton Primary Academy in Corby had an inspiring visit from Olympic Swimmer Amy Smith last week.

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  • Where are they now? – Brooke Weston Trust Leadership Academy

    Published 27/03/23

    Our Leadership Academy programme is a unique opportunity only available to Brooke Weston Trust (BWT) staff. The first of its kind in the country, it’s a commitment to developing the skills of our colleagues enabling them to become successful future leaders.

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  • Working together to support school improvement the ‘BWT Way’

    Published 27/03/23

    At Brooke Weston Trust, we are passionate about giving students the best start in life both academically and as citizens. Working together, we strive to ensure that staff and students are provided with a range of high-quality opportunities and support to help them realise their ambitions. Our central team is made up of a small team of professionals who help provide this support to our schools, to promote school improvement and deliver the best possible outcomes for our students.

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