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BWA Science Ambassadors lead sessions at Beanfield Primary

Rockets made from Benecol bottles and fuelled by Vitamin C tablets were just one of the experiments led by Brooke Weston Academy’s Science Ambassadors at Beanfield Primary School.

The scheme, run by the Institute of Physics, trains students to deliver fun experiments outside the classroom at open days or induction events. The team of Brooke Weston students has already delivered sessions at Studfall Junior School and their latest venture has been at Beanfield Primary, with more sessions scheduled for later in the year at Gretton.

The Ambassadors, comprising Matthew Brown, Erin Barnett, Ben Bailey, Maddy Purdew and Anju Jacob set up experiments involving rockets, shaving foam and the water-absorbing gel, to demonstrate scientific principles including pressure and propulsion.

Brooke Weston Academy’s Head of Physics, John Gilyead said: ‘The Science Ambassadors are mostly from our triple science groups and we picked students who are good at explaining things. The feedback has been very positive. Doing this has really increased their confidence and it will also look good on their CVs or university applications.’

Student Erin Barnett said: ‘It is nice to have the experience of going around the different schools and most of the students have been really engaged.’ Maddy added: ‘I have enjoyed being with the little kids. It is really fun and interactive and I have thought about being a teacher in the future.’

Beanfield Primary School teacher Nicole Lansberry said: ‘Our students are really enjoying it as the experiments have that instant reaction and element of surprise. It is nice to see them engaged in activities that they are not used to doing, they absolutely love it. The ambassadors from Brooke Weston Academy are fantastic, they are very confident, very engaging and I think some of them may be natural born teachers!’

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Erin, Matthew and Ben.
Maddy, Anju and Mr Gilyead.


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