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Celebrating our Core Values

Our schools have taken part in hundreds of projects, activities and trips over the 2018-19 academic year which exemplify the Brooke Weston Trust’s core values.

Our values, Ambition for All, High Expectations, Excellent Teaching and Support, Working Together and Contributing to Society form the foundation of our ethos and each of our schools bring their own characteristics and specialisms to make those key values their own.

We have collated just a few of the activities that our schools have taken part in over the past year to give you a taste of the positive impact that they are having on their students, staff and communities. We take our mission to empower the next generation of young people very seriously and the document (downloadable below) or available to browse at our school receptions, shows you the breadth and scale of our schools’ reach.

We look forward to seeing what our schools are planning this academic year to keep these core values at the heart of our operation.

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