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Oakley Vale Primary School celebrates Roald Dahl day

Classes at Oakley Vale Primary School took part exciting themed activities for Roald Dahl day. Each class read extracts of his books and had lessons linked to the work of the iconic author.

In Moles class the students did Matilda-based maths activities based on Matilda. Teacher Miss Raku said: ‘We had a letter from Matilda and she looked after her friend’s parrot so we have just done a pictogram of all the pets that we have and we will write a letter back to her.’

Otters in Year 3 were focusing on creative descriptions of the formidable Miss Trunchbull as a starting point for their own writing and Year 5 Stags had an English focus looking at the character of Matilda accompanied by songs from the musical. They later did mathematical problem solving around Matilda and other Roald Dahl characters.

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