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Oakley Vale students enjoy police visit

Reception children at Oakley Vale Primary School had some very special visitors recently - two police officers who came in to solve the case of a mysterious ‘intruder’ at the school.

The children were very keen to tell the police about the strange and floury footprints that were left by the culprit, who overturned things in the outdoor play area and snagged items of clothing on the fence at the ‘crime scene.’

PC Liverpool and PC Brown heard the evidence and also told the students about their jobs, uniform and equipment. They spoke about all the ways that the police help people and gave out worksheets and stickers before letting the 60 children try on some uniform.

Teacher Emma Goodman said: ‘We set it all up and the children believed someone had caused a massive scene and mess in the playground. We are learning about people who help us. The children have been very excited and engaged in the mystery and were desperate for the police to come so they could tell them all about it!'

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