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Science training session at CBA

Teachers at Corby Business Academy had a training session with the Institute of Physics on how to teach the concept of electricity to students in KS3 and KS4.

The after-school training involved theory and practical with the teachers building circuits and discussing ways to make learning simple and easily remembered.

The trainer, Ben Dickens, delivers IOP sessions to schools across the region. The electricity topic is just one of a series of between four and six sessions that our teachers at CBA can access. The entire cost of £6,000 per series, is funded by the DfE.

Mr Dickens said: ‘This course specifically is developing teachers’ pedagogy around teaching electricity, looking at misconceptions that students have and areas they want to develop in their own practice. It also includes hints and tips that the IOP has developed over the years to share with schools across the country.

‘Corby Business Academy is now part of the Stimulating Physics network and I am a regional coach. They will get four to six bespoke sessions this year based on areas that they want to develop and they will also access our networking events at Catmose in Oakham.

‘Specifically with electricity the questions are ‘where does electricity come from?’ ‘Is electricity an energy?’ and ‘How does the effect of electricity manifest itself?’ It is moving students away from the idea that batteries are full of electricity and they deplete over time. It is exploring how students build circuits to match their understanding and use the practical and theory to complement each other.’

Afterwards Head of Science for KS4, Louise Davison, said: ‘The session went really well and allowed us to have a hands-on experience of the practical aspect of the electricity topics in KS3 and KS4, as well as discussing common student misconceptions and how to avoid them. The staff really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next session.’

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