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Promoting sport across primary and secondary phases

PE teacher Hannah Layram has a dual role across the Brooke Weston Trust as she teaches both secondary and primary sport in different Trust Schools.

Hannah, who has been in the profession for five years, initially trained as a secondary teacher and now works at Brooke Weston Academy for one day a week. She also is a PE specialist at Compass Primary Academy, instilling younger students with a love of sport that will stand them in good stead at secondary level.

She said: ‘Although I love teaching GCSE PE you can have a huge impact in the primary years. I would like my Year 6s going to secondary school ready to play sports and games because I know what it is like if your Year 7 students don’t know the basics.

She has implemented a curriculum which means that students learn sequenced skills and have opportunities to play football, netball and rugby from an early age. ‘The drive is to get all students learning fundamental skills and equipping teachers, who are not PE specialists, with the knowledge and confidence to deliver really good lessons. Two hours of PE teaching per week is significant in terms of what can be achieved.

‘However I have missed teaching GCSE PE so it is great to be able to come to another Trust school and connect with the older students as well. PE is so important across both age phases as the connection between physical and mental health cannot be under-estimated. If we can get students to participate and feel confident in sport from a young age then they will be able to develop and continue that at secondary level, which leads to a life-long love of sport and activity.

‘Being part of the Brooke Weston Trust means that I have the privilege of teaching sport across the age range and also meeting lots of different colleagues, who have been very welcoming.’

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