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Profile of Mr Shaun Strydom

Mr Shaun Strydom, who has been named as Brooke Weston Academy’s new Interim Associate Principal, is a determined, calm and assertive leader.

He is a highly experienced teacher, having taught in his native South Africa before coming to the UK, where his career has flourished. He has worked his way rapidly from IT teacher to Senior Vice Principal learning valuable skills every step of the way:

He said: ‘The fact that I have had a variety of roles and responsibilities over the years means that I have got a wide portfolio that allows me to have a good understanding of each of the areas of leadership. The students at Brooke Weston Academy know me and the high expectations I have of them.

‘As Senior Vice Principal I have strived to support staff day-to-day to ensure that they have the advice and guidance they require to be successful. I am always available and have been very hands on in dealing with issues, and although this will continue, my focus will now need to be on the strategic vision for the school.

‘The Trust, as well as the Principals that I have worked for at Brooke Weston Academy, have supported me in a number of different ways. They have not only been mentors and role models, but also ensured I have been on the right courses including NPQSL and NPQH with the Teaching School supporting me on my journey to headship.

‘I am confident that I will have a productive, open and honest relationship with Secondary Executive Principal Anne Hill and CEO Andrew Campbell has always been very supportive, so, although I am going to miss Pete I will have Anne, Andrew and the team around me to continue that mentoring.

‘Pete has been a fantastic, charismatic and dynamic head who has brought a lot to Brooke Weston Academy. His organisation, wisdom and strategic thinking have been invaluable and I have learned a great deal from him and his leadership style.

‘One of the key strengths of Brooke Weston Academy is its amazing staff, so it will be a privilege to lead the team here and count on their professionalism and dedication to continue the great work they do every day. I am also lucky enough to have amazing and close-knit colleagues on the senior leadership team who will support me in this new role.’

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