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Compass Primary Academy appoints Reading Patron

Author Damian Harvey is Compass Primary Academy’s first Reading Patron, promoting literature and a love of reading. Mr Harvey, who has written over 100 children’s books, will be visiting the school and will be in regular touch with updates and new ideas.

Vice Principal and English Lead Nicole Andrews is introducing the Reading Patron scheme as there is a whole-school push on developing a love of books and reading for pleasure, including an Author of the Month feature, time in the day to read and suggested titles for each year group to read.  

Mrs Andrews said: ‘Mr Harvey will be visiting us on 27 February and will be talking about his books and how he can support with improving reading and working with reluctant readers. He will also send us literature to review, create blogs and maybe even work with our school in helping him create stories.'

As part of another initiative, the school has introduced 'Author of the Month',  where it shines a spotlight on a children's author and challenges the children to read their books during that month. This month's author is Lisa Thompson. Mrs Andrews said, 'We launched a challenge in assembly to see if children could read any or all of her books, a challenge I am taking part in as well, and her books just flew off the library shelves. We have contacted Lisa who was delighted by this.'

'We, as a school, are seeing a real turnaround with regards to developing a love for reading. We have gone from the situation where reading was not liked by some of our children to where they are really engaged and enthused - and now are beginning to have a genuine love of reading.

‘We also have sent out our first reading newsletter to all parents alongside other initiatives such as: opening up the library for parents, Drop Everything and Read sessions, teaching reading within the school day and having reading assemblies. To have a Patron of Reading is really significant for our school and the children are incredibly excited about it.’

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