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Exciting Careers Fair at Gretton Primary School

A group of professionals was interviewed by Gretton Primary School students as part of their Careers Fair. A total of 14 talked about their diverse roles, qualifications and day to day working lives.

Their job roles ranged from pet nutritionist to personal trainer and buildings project officer. The students chose the jobs they wanted to know more about and then interviewed the delegates, asked questions and took notes.

Many focused on people’s pay and enjoyment of their role. Solicitor Ms Hayley Simms said: ‘The students asked how long it took me to qualify, how many hours I work daily and what qualities you need. They asked some really good questions and I have really enjoyed it.’

Mr Adam Warne, a business analyst and system architect, said: ‘The questions have been quite varied. I get asked about money and also whether I enjoy my job, which I am pleased about as that is so important. I have also been asked about the skills I need.’

Liam Faulkner, a grounds services officer for Kettering and Corby Borough Council has a team of 65 people overseeing parks, open spaces, football pitches, trees and grass verges. He said: ‘It is really important to speak to students about the environment, nature and how we can work together to preserve it. The children are really positive about the environment which is really encouraging.’

Nurse Carol Machar, who works in Accident and Emergency, brought along medical essentials including shears and a stethoscope. She said: ‘Some of the children have been really interested in the different types of patients but most of the questions have been about how they would qualify as a nurse. One thing I love is it doesn’t matter whether your address is Buckingham Palace or the local park bench, everybody is seen with the same degree of compassion and respect, and everybody gets the same level of care. If you have got the drive and passion to go into a certain career, it is always achievable; you just have to want it badly enough to work for it.’

Principal Jane MacDonald said: ‘The children found out about the skills, qualities and qualifications they would need to different jobs and they will be writing an application form and CV for the job that they prefer. Thanks to all the professionals who gave up their time to give our children such a valuable insight into the huge range of careers and opportunities available to them.’

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