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Highlighting safe parking around Beanfield Primary School

Police officers and a fire crew attended Beanfield Primary School to raise awareness of safe parking, especially during peak times.

The police and fire officers were joined by Associate Principal Sam Eathorne and the Wellbeing team to highlight the dangers caused by double parking or obstructing junctions. School drop offs and pick ups are particularly busy times and the emergency services want motorists to park responsibly at all times.

Red Watch Commander Craig Douglas said: ‘If we get a fire call, obviously every second counts and we have to respond as quickly as possible. If people park indiscriminately and block the highway then we are forced to take an alternative route, which could make a huge difference and can risk lives. We are asking motorists to comply with the Highway Code, park sensibly and be aware that emergency vehicles may need access at all times. This is particularly relevant in places like Farmstead Road where there is a sharp blind bend to negotiate, so if people park either side then emergency vehicles may not have enough room to manoeuvre.’

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