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Oakley Vale Primary School celebrates World Maths Day

Thanks to all the parents who came in to Oakley Vale Primary School today to support their children on World Maths Day.

Parents of students in Years 1 to 6 came in to sit with their children in their maths lessons.  Afterward there were also maths activities based around different books for each year group and, in the afternoon the students enjoyed a range of cross-curricular maths activities.

Teacher Frankie Barrington said: ‘The aim of the day is to enthuse students and parents about the exciting world of mathematics and to celebrate its importance in our school. It was a fantastic opportunity for parents to see more of what goes on in maths lessons and understand how to support their child.’

Principal Emma Goodwin said: ‘We were delighted to welcome so many parents and carers along to the school today and, from the positive comments we received, they enjoyed seeing the strategies we use to teach maths, from traditional number blocks in the early years, through to interactive whiteboard lessons for the older children.’

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