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Beanfield’s Team Pollen see ideas in print

Well done to Team Pollen, the winners of the Trust Primary Believe Big competition last year, whose winning idea has been made into a story book.

Believe Big is an annual competition where teams from across our schools compete to come up with innovative or life-changing ideas. The competition is organised by 7 Billion Ideas and it has become a popular fixture in both primary and secondary school calendars.

Team Pollen, from Beanfield Primary School,  consisted of Ethan, Leah, Isobel and Delia. They created a range of products to help combat hay fever and allergies using filters, medicines and other means.

Immediately after the competition Leah said: ‘We made a cream, washing up tablets, sprays and a teddy bear that smells like lavender.’

Ethan said: ‘I loved making the products, especially the washing up tablets.’ Leah said: ‘I liked everything because I like teamwork and helping others. Delia said: ‘I liked painting the bottles because I made a pattern on them. We made examples of all our products.’

Isobel said: ‘I liked testing out all the patterns, textures and colours. I was really pleased when we won. I was so overjoyed. It is also a good thank you to Miss Johnson and Miss Baloghova, who helped us with the project.’

As a prize their winning idea has now been made into a book, which have been posted to the delighted team members (pictured) but which are also available to buy here.

Congratulations Team Pollen!

Team Pollen after winning the competition a year ago.


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