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CTS success stories!

Well done to all our students celebrating GCSE success at Corby Technical School.

Here’s what some of them are doing next:


Dominika G  is going to study English literature, history, geography and a fourth subject after achieving  ten 9s and two 8 graded GCSEs. She said: ‘I am really happy, probably about my English  grades because it is my favourite subject and I always wanted to do well in it. I’d like to go to university to study law as it knowing your profession is there to help someone.’



Hana H (pictured top) was awarded six 9s and four 8s at GCSE. She said: ‘I am really happy that my work paid off because the last couple of weeks have been quite stressful but I am really glad it worked out in the end and I am proud and happy with what I got. Geography is my favourite subject so I am really happy I managed to get a 9 in that. I had to take a double take when I opened the envelope and couldn’t believe it! The hard work paid off. I am going to Sixth Form to study geography as I want to study it at university as well, but don’t know exactly what. Geography is really broad as you have got human and physical geography so you can do the natural world or people and population. All my teachers worked really hard with me and supported me and I worked hard and closely with them and they are proud of me.’


Abbie R.

Abbie R is celebrating her five 9s, two 8s and two 7s. She said: ‘I am really pleased. I am doing Physics, Maths and Computing A Level. I have loved it at Corby Technical School and eventually want to do astrophysics. I love it and find it really interesting. I loved using telescopes when I was little and we studied space in physics and I really enjoyed it along with nuclear physics.’



Jack H.

Jack H achieved top grades. He said: ‘ I am over the moon about these results but worked really hard for them over the past few months. I am returning for Sixth Form to study maths, physics and engineering as this school does technical subjects well. I eventually want to study architecture at university.’



Rohan T attained five 5 grades and three 4s. He is going to study Uniformed Public Services and wants to join the British Transport Police. He said: ‘The course involves lot of physical stuff and is based on policing and the Armed Forces. I want to join the British Transport Police, policing trains, stations and airports. My experience with the Trust CCF has helped as it has developed my team skills and really helps with orienteering and that type of thing. I am most happy about my English language as I worked hard for that. I am happy with my grades. I enjoyed working at CTS and definitely felt supported here.’

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