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New teacher contributes to Futures of Education Forum

A teacher who is brand new to the profession took part in an online Zoom forum run by the Chartered College of Teaching on the future of education. The issues discussed will be fed back to UNESCO and form part of their research for their 'Futures of Education: Learning to Become' initiative. 

Despite becoming a teacher just this year Catherine Rossiter, who teaches geography at Kettering Science Academy, applied to take part, found it very encouraging and loved the fact that the contributors were enthusiastic and passionate about teaching even after many years in the profession.

She said: ‘The forum included people with different experience and from different subjects and stages so I knew that I would learn a lot. Every so often UNESCO produce an education initiative report and they are hoping to publish this one in November 2021. I thought I could really learn from the focus group and refine my thoughts. It was a great opportunity as everyone really knew what they were talking about. I came into teaching because I was really motivated to see children learn, thrive and succeed. Everyone else was the same, no matter how far on in their career they were. As someone who is just at the start of their career it is really exciting because it shows that passion for teaching doesn’t go away.’

Catherine is training with the Teach First scheme, which enables her to be in the classroom while working towards her PGCE and PGDE qualifications. She said: ‘I did my training with Teach First online and started at Kettering Science Academy in September. It all happened really quickly but I love it!

‘I really enjoy teaching at Kettering Science Academy. It is busy but the department and staff are really supportive. I like teaching as there is real potential to impact students’ lives for good so I’d like it to be a career for life.’

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