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CBA staff smash charity total in burpee challenge

Congratulations to the team from the Unit at Corby Business Academy who achieved their target of performing 8000 burpees, smashing their fundraising target for the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Liana Palombi, Jessica Mullan, Christina Mangin and Una Shackleton, who work in the PMLD (Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties) class at the Unit set themselves the target of completing 100 burpees each day from Monday to Friday for the whole of November.

They had originally set themselves a £300 fundraising target, but that is now standing at an impressive £545

Liana said: ‘We roped in other staff and students and on top of our 8000 total we managed to get an extra 1387 burpees making a grand total of 9387 burpees! Thanks to everyone who donated, the fundraising page, which is open for donations until Monday, is available here.’

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