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Compass student appears in Air Ambulance book

Well done to Max Koliqi, a Year 3 student at Compass Primary Academy who has featured in a book about the work of the Air Ambulance.

Max is a member of the Crew, a young person’s club which supports the work of the air ambulance and so far he and his family have raised £400 towards its work. He won a poster competition last  year and met footballer Leah Williamson at the school as a prize.

When the air ambulance designed a children’s book to promote its work, it decided to feature Max on one of its pages.

Max celebrating during the football training session.

Max’s mum Elena said: ‘Max used to be frightened of helicopters, particularly the air ambulance. We did some research and he became a crew member and started raising money for the charity. He entered the competition for a chance to meet footballer Leah Williamson and she came to the school. The children’s author who wrote the book was amazed by the poster that Max had made and his message and she asked if she could use it in the book. It has now been published with an illustration Max playing football with Leah as Max’s message really touched her as he is so strong and passionate about it.’

The book features a picture of Max with the school in the background: ‘He loves it and is really proud that he has done something that is helping others with something that hopefully will be distributed widely to help others learn about the air ambulance. The awareness is so important and it has become a positive message.’

Max said: ‘I feel very happy about being in the book and my friends were excited about it!’

Well done Max! To order a copy of the book click here.

Max meeting Leah with his winning poster.

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