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Compass Primary sets up lockdown buddy scheme

Compass Primary Academy has started a scheme so that parents who may be struggling with the demands of lockdown can link up and support each other.

The school normally runs a coffee morning for parents on Thursday mornings but obviously it is unable to provide this at the moment so it decided to help people link up online instead.

Safeguarding officer Fran Dunn (pictured above) said: ‘We are extremely proud of our school community, we have many parents offering support so we are looking to buddy people up which is helpful, particularly if they are struggling and we have already had some successful buddy matches. I have put details on our school Facebook page so people can link up through that if they want.

‘We have also set up a rota so parents are being contacted at home by their child’s classroom teacher each week, but if they need additional support or conversation then they can either buddy up themselves, contact me and I will link them up with someone or else I am always on the other end of a phone or computer if people want to contact me direct. It is all about providing   community support and conversation, even though we cannot meet face to face.’

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