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BWT buys new lone working devices to ensure staff safety

Brooke Weston Trust has bought new lone working devices to ensure that staff working alone or in the community can stay safe and in contact with colleagues.

The MicroGuard device is a GPS tracker that shares someone’s location if they get into difficulties, sends an automated emergency call to a call centre, texts the school and also emits an alarm.

The Trust is buying devices for all schools across our Trust to ensure that colleagues have an additional layer of security when working unaccompanied.

Operations Support Officer Hannah Clarke said: ‘We already had devices similar to these but the new ones are an upgrade with improved features. They will be used mainly by our safeguarding and wellbeing teams, but also can be used if people are working onsite after hours. They have a variety of features but are discreet and very easy to use. It is an additional layer of protection to ensure that staff are safe if they need assistance, have an accident or fall ill when working on their own. We will train staff on how to use them and they should give them reassurance and backup if necessary.’

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