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Success for Beanfield Primary School's Family Hub as it continues to grow

Since launching one year ago, Beanfield Primary School are delighted to now welcome new volunteers to its successful Family Hub, helping to extend the provision and mental health support available to the local community.

Beanfield Primary School, part of Brooke Weston Trust, launched the Family Hub last October to provide support for its parents, carers and young people. Since its launch, it has increased in popularity and the activities on offer, becoming a feature that the school is very proud of.

When asked about the ethos behind the service, Sarah Fleming, Senior Mental Health Lead said: “The Family Hub is about providing a space for all. A space which is safe, nurturing and full of friendly faces. We offer a range of activities, from craft classes, coffee mornings, SEND support and even pre-schooler music mornings. The Hub is all about forging a sense of community by helping parents and carers connect with each other.”

Two people who have made a very welcome impact on the Hub recently are Carmel and Julia, previously attending as parents, and now both actively involved in the running of the Hub, as volunteers.

Carmel, who began attending with her young daughter back in October said: “The Family Hub has really helped me personally with my mental health and confidence. A year ago, I couldn’t leave the house due to anxiety, but since joining the Hub and meeting new parents and staff members, I have regained my confidence and am now enjoying a more active role as a volunteer.”

“It’s a privilege to be part of something like this and have found my passion to help others.”

Similarly, Julia began attending the Hub with her grandson Finlay, before soon realising the benefits to both her confidence and his, following a period of relative solitude during the Covid-19 lockdown. Julia said: “Being a part of the Hub has been amazing for Finlay. He’s made friends and enjoyed the company of other adults too.

“It’s also been great to watch the mums gain confidence and in turn, their children which makes me happy. Carmel and I have loved getting involved and already have some fun crafts planned for the future.”

Sarah continued: “We are immensely proud of our volunteers and grateful for the time they are giving to Beanfield. I’m now looking forward to the Christmas craft sessions that I know are in the planning and seeing our Hub continue to grow!”

The Hub is available to any parent with a child who attends Beanfield Primary School, and all sessions are free of cost.

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