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Empowering our Staff: BWT secures funding for Digital Apprenticeships

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, we are thrilled to announce an initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to the professional development of our staff. In collaboration with 'Primary Goal,' a leading provider of IT, Digital, and Cyber Training, we have secured funding for no less than 60 digital apprenticeships.

This is a significant stride towards enhancing the digital literacy and skills of our colleagues, reinforcing our dedication to their personal and professional growth.


Diverse Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Our apprenticeships are designed for both teachers and support staff and can be offered to both new and existing team members. The programmes, spanning 12-15 months, align with our school-wide digital transformation strategy. The apprenticeships cover three key areas:

  1. Digital Champion: Empowering educators with the confidence to integrate technology for enhanced teaching and learning, workload reduction, accessibility, and inclusion. Digital Champions can work towards additional Microsoft and Google accreditations.
  2. Digital Professional Services: Supporting other enabling professional functions in maximising the effective use of digital technologies within their functions, such as administration and operational support.
  3. Senior Leader Digital: Assisting senior leaders in developing, implementing, and measuring the impact of a digital transformation strategy supporting teaching and learning. Senior Leaders have the opportunity to gain a Level 5 ILM Leadership and Management module.

Comprehensive Learning Approach

Our apprenticeship programme employs a two-part structure. The first part involves knowledge delivery through biweekly virtual classrooms and e-learning, while the second part focuses on work-based evidence. The programmes concentrate on five key priority areas for digital technologies:

  • Understanding your organisation
  • Digital Communications
  • Implementing and Emerging Technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Data

Becoming a Digital Champion or EdTech Leader in Your School

As education technology evolves rapidly, our staff requires increasing support. The 15-month apprenticeship programmes aim to elevate Digital Champions within educational establishments. Through carefully curated modules, Digital Champions can strategically plan for technology within their schools, enhancing teaching and learning, reducing workload, promoting accessibility, and narrowing the digital divide.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Fully funded through the apprenticeship levy or selected funding partners.
  • Recognised qualifications for Digital Champions.
  • Flexible online blended learning with live sessions delivered outside of teaching time.
  • Modules aligned with Ofsted EIF, Gatsby benchmarks, and government white paper for schools.
  • Practical projects tailored to your school’s digital environment.
  • Final assessment focuses on the impact of EdTech implementation within your school.
  • Opportunities for your school to become a Microsoft Showcase or Google Reference School.

Testimonials from Digital Champions

  • "This has been the most transformational piece of professional development I have undertaken in over a decade." - Caroline Pardoe, Assistant Vice Principal, Blue Coat CofE Academy, Walsall
  • "I can highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone but especially senior leaders who really want to move the teaching and learning on for the children at their schools." - Ruth Moor, Headteacher, St Anne's CofE Primary School, Godmanchester
  • "It is rewarding to be part of introducing change to a school and seeing the joy as staff and children embrace the new technology. You don't have to be an expert in technology; you will be taught all the techniques." - Josh Wright, Digital Champion, Stivichall Primary School, Coventry

Investing in the Future of Education

The funding that we have secured to be able to offer this programme is a strategic response to the fast-paced world of AI and digital technologies. With the goal of transforming daily practices, the digital apprenticeship programme aims to ease staff workload, improve assessment approaches, streamline reporting methods, implement and maximise 1:1 device rollouts, and prepare learners for their digital future.

Who will benefit most from the programme?

  • Senior Leaders
  • Heads of Departments
  • Teaching Assistants and other Support Staff

How to Get There?

  • Flexible online blended learning with live sessions delivered outside of teaching time.
  • Online learning modules mapped to Ofsted EIF, Gatsby benchmarks, and government white paper for schools.
  • Modules delivered by industry EdTech experts, including Microsoft and Google.
  • Practical projects aligned to your school’s digital environment.
  • The final assessment focuses on the impact of EdTech implementation within your school.
  • Opportunities for your school to kickstart its journey to becoming a Microsoft Showcase or Google Reference School.

Be part of Brooke Weston Trust’s digital transformation journey

As the educational landscape evolves, BWT is leading the way in ensuring that our people are equipped for success. The 12-15 month blended learning training programme promises a unique digital transformation journey for every individual, supported by 1:1 mentoring, access to specialist educators, and a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

If you believe in the transformative power of technology in education, join us on this exciting journey. Together, we'll shape the future of education across Brooke Weston Trust, one digital apprentice at a time.

We are committed to maximising every development opportunity for our employees whatever role they do, ensuring we continue to provide a great place to work and study.  Working in partnership with Primary Goal is a fantastic chance to enhance our digital capability, building on the Microsoft showcase schools we have within our Trust at BWA and TCA, ensuring we are at the forefront of development in education and digital technology.

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