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Promoting a healthier work-life balance with a ‘wellbeing day’

At Brooke Weston Trust, we are committed to tailoring and refining our initiatives and policies to ensure that our employees thrive both personally and professionally.

One such initiative has seen the introduction of a flexible well-being day, an integral part of our special leave policy. This unique offering empowers employees to choose how they want to utilise this day, whether it's spending quality time with loved ones, pursuing a personal interest, or simply taking a break to relax.

This Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to share some examples of how our colleagues have embraced the freedom of their wellbeing day, and the impact it has had on their overall wellbeing.

We strongly encourage our staff to make the most of their wellbeing day and take time for themselves to recharge, rejuvenate, and nurture their personal happiness. Elaine Harrison, a Teacher at Beanfield Primary School, was able to attend her child’s May Day Dance at school due to her wellbeing day, she explained: “It was lovely, as I have not been able to do this before.”

Dorota Kursat, a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant at Oakley Vale, used her wellbeing day to carry out a whole host of things, including taking her family to visit their new house whilst it is being built as well as going to see Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium. She expressed that it was: “A great day with great weather and great memories!”

Caroline Haynes, a Teacher at Beanfield Primary School, was able to take her daughter to the UK Stars of the Future Ballroom and Latin Championships in Blackpool, she said “Without the wellbeing day I probably wouldn't have been able to take part. It was an amazing experience and one which I got to share with my daughter. The wellbeing day is one of the most wonderful things that Brooke Weston Trust have done for their staff!”

Abbie Coles, Art Teacher at Brooke Weston Academy, was able to attend her cousin’s wedding in Bath. She said: I didn’t think I’d be able to get there at the same time as my family, but because of the half day it meant I was able to travel with my family and attend the meal the night before the wedding.”

Monica Butler, Teaching Assistant at Oakley Vale, used her wellbeing day to have a long weekend away with her husband, where she was able to meet her new baby nephew. She explained: “It was a lovely treat! I would like to say thank you for giving us all a wellbeing day, mine was greatly appreciated!”

As we celebrate and take pride in the success the addition of the wellbeing day has had here at BWT, we also look forward to further developing our offering and implementing more initiatives that will help our staff across the trust to further develop and thrive as part of our People Strategy. 

If you are a BWT colleague and haven’t yet booked in your wellbeing day for this year or haven’t thought about how you might like to use it, we encourage you to take some time this Stress Awareness Month to do so, prioritising yourself and your wellbeing.

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