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Future school leaders get inspired by Silverstone CEO visit

“Communication and relationships are what everything boils down to.”

A group of ambitious school leaders from the Brooke Weston Trust Leadership Academy enjoyed an inspiring talk from Stuart Pringle, CEO of Silverstone Circuits Ltd. Stuart’s visit provided an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights from a successful leader outside the education environment.

The Leadership Academy is a programme designed to cultivate leadership talent within the Brooke Weston Trust family of schools.  The course focuses on self-discovery, strategic career planning, and exposure to diverse educational experiences. 

The visit from the motorsport chief illustrates the Trust’s commitment to well-rounded leadership development.

Stuart, a self-proclaimed “petrol head" with a background in the British Army, shared his insights on leadership with the twenty or so delegates at the Trust’s new Centre for Professional Development (on the site of Brooke Weston Academy) in Corby.

His journey to become CEO of Silverstone Circuits began with a love for vintage sports cars, leading him work for a Vintage Sports Car Club and eventually, the prestigious British Racing Drivers' Club.

Sharing his leadership philosophy, Stuart stressed the importance of leading by example, prioritising clear communication, and developing a well-defined strategy. He also spoke about the importance of treating others with respect, knowing people by name and building a culture of relentless pursuit of excellence.

"Leaders that don't delegate will fail," he added, highlighting the importance of building a strong organisational culture.  His thoughts resonated with attendees, particularly the advice to "surround yourself with good people and experts – one leader can't be an expert in everything."

Brooke Weston Trust’s CEO, Dr. Andrew Campbell also had the opportunity to ask Stuart about leadership during challenging times. Drawing on his experience in navigating the recent Covid pandemic, Stuart highlighted the importance of a strong PR and communications team to support leaders in effectively communicating with confidence and honesty.

"This was the first time a leader from the motorsport industry has spoken at the Leadership Academy," said Jane MacDonald, Chair of the Leadership Academy. "Stuart's talk showed that the fundamentals of great leadership remain the same, regardless of sector. Thank you to Stuart for taking the time to inspire the future senior leaders of the Brooke Weston Trust."

Stuart expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to connect with a new audience: "It has been really good to hear a different voice, outside of my sector - thank you to Brooke Weston Trust for having me."

No doubt, an enriching and insightful session for all who attended.

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