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Ambition for All at Gretton Primary School

Gretton Primary Academy is the first school in the Brooke Weston Trust to be spearheading the Ambition for All campaign and our CEO, Dr Andrew Campbell, visited to take part in a special assembly.

The Trust-wide initiative is running throughout this year at all of our schools, with each school being a  ‘torchbearer’ for a nominated month with particular focus falling on them during that time. The campaign aims to raise ambition across the Trust, engaging both students and staff and being a focal point for activities.

Principal Mrs MacDonald told the students about all the activities that were planned for this month including an Apprentice style competition which will be judged by Dr Campbell and Janina Taylor, Associate Principal of Corby Business Academy. The students will also take part in Careers Week and  have a ‘dress up day’ where they will dress to portray the job they want to do. There will be an Olympic athlete visiting to talk about how he achieved his dreams and, later in the year, the Year 6 students will have a trip to car manufacturer Nissan in Milton Keynes. Mrs MacDonald is also recruiting Year 6 ambassadors to show visitors around the school.

She talked to students about the campaign: ‘We want everybody across the school to be the best they can be every day and support everybody else to be the best they can be. We have lots of activities planned to support that.’

Dr Campbell told the students about the Ambition for All pledge that he, Mrs MacDonald and the Chair of Governors was going to sign: ‘We are going to promise to help you reach your ambitions, to care enough to challenge you enough.

The celebration assembly.

I am really looking forward to see what Gretton Primary School is going to do for this project and coming back to judge the Apprentice project.’

Afterwards there was a celebration assembly where students who had performed particularly well over the week received a sticker and were applauded. 


The Ambition for All campaign is a single focus on improving academic outcomes and opportunities for character development that will run in all our Trust schools throughout this academic year. It applies to all areas of the Trust’s schools’ operations to ensure students receive the highest quality teaching and wider development opportunities within a supportive and encouraging environment, where adults live and breathe ambition for student success in all its forms. Implicit within this approach is a focus on the progress of disadvantaged students and of high ability students, whatever their background. As part of the Ambition for All campaign the CEO, Principal and Chair of Governors at each school will sign a pledge to be displayed prominently.

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