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Ambition for All at Beanfield Primary

Beanfield Primary School has exciting plans for when it is its turn to be torchbearer for the Trust’s Ambition for All campaign. The school will be inviting parents and families to join in with a fun day that includes a breakfast bar, a charity fayre, afternoon tea plus an evening variety show.

Principal Leyton Smith outlined the campaign to students and staff and spoke about the Trust-wide project that mirrors the school’s values of Responsibility, Respect, Pride, Freedom and Tolerance. The school’s house and vice captains helped out by demonstrating practical examples of how everyone can get involved.

The assembly also reflected on some of the work and interventions that the school has already done this year to challenge themselves including sports days, community events, competitions and the residential to Crookstone Barn.  The whole school will prepare for their big day on Tuesday 30 January, including making invitations, creating games and items to sell in the afternoon charity fayre and brushing up on skills for the variety show.

Mr Smithtold students: ‘In January we are going to do something really special. Your parents can come in and join you for breakfast and then stay on to help you prepare. Every single class will be making, or doing or selling something to raise money for charity and then there will be an afternoon tea. In the evening we will be running a variety show where everyone, staff and students, can show their talents off.

'We are going to have to work really hard in our classes and across the school to make sure that the day is a massive success. This is all about us taking responsibility for our learning, working to be the best we can be and helping others. There will be opportunity for you to get involved so when it is our time to shine in January we will be able to show everyone across the whole of the schools in the Trust that we have got Ambition for All.  This is really important to us.’

Dr Campbell told the students: ‘Our Ambition for All pledge is a promise from all the staff and adults about helping you achieve things you would like to in your life. That is our job. We are not here for any other reason than to help you be brilliant.’

The Ambition for All campaign is a single focus on improving academic outcomes and opportunities for character development that will run in all our Trust schools throughout this academic year. It applies to all areas of the Trust’s schools’ operations to ensure students receive the highest quality teaching and wider development opportunities within a supportive and encouraging environment, where adults live and breathe ambition for student success in all its forms. Implicit within this approach is a focus on the progress of disadvantaged students and of high ability students, whatever their background. As part of the Ambition for All campaign the CEO, Principal and Chair of Governors at each school will sign a pledge to be displayed prominently.

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