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Ambition for All launches at Beanfield

Students and staff at Beanfield Primary School are launching their Ambition for All campaign with their theme of ‘Time to Shine.’

Most of the planned activities will take place during Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 January and include a breakfast bar and afternoon tea for parents and students and  a ‘Time to Buy’ fair and art exhibition. Students will be making items to sell after school including cookies, bird feeders,  didgeridoos and stained glass windows.

The finale of  their Ambition for All month will be a variety show where students and staff will be showcasing their many talents to an audience of parents, friends and Trust members.

Associate Principal Mrs Sam Eathorne said, ‘We are all very excited that it is our "Time to Shine" for Ambition for All. We have many things planned including special assemblies, where we will have visitors from the community come in and speak to the children, building up to our main two days at the end of the month when the majority of our events will take place.

‘It really is a "Time to Shine" for us and everyone is preparing and rehearsing for the big day. Ambition for All has been a focus for us throughout the year so far. It gives people within our community the opportunity to come in and speak to our students which helps to build up a whole picture of where we sit within our community, what we can offer our community as a school and also what there is within our community for our parents and our children. We are all very excited for the coming month and showing that Beanfield certainly has Ambition for All.’

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