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Mr Leyton Smith talks about his Executive Principal role

Mr Leyton Smith is passionate about supporting schools and will collaborate closely with our Trust primaries in his new role as Executive Principal.

He said: ‘I am most looking forward to working across a number of really good schools and being able to work with Principals to make sure that all of our primaries develop best practice and are striving to be the best that they can and achieve the best outcomes for their students.

‘It is a broad remit, one that requires sensitivity and emotional intelligence as I am working with a wide range of professionals and supporting different schools with different strengths, challenges and priorities.

Mr Smith, has been in headship for 14 years, and Principal at Beanfield Primary School since 2012, so his previous experience is invaluable. He has already worked closely with all five Trust primaries and so the new role is a continuation of an existing partnership.

‘I really enjoy the Principals’ meetings because we are such a good team, everyone brings something different and they all want the best for each other – we care enough to challenge enough! Over the last five years I have been in contact with many of them looking for guidance or support and they have done the same with me. All we have done now is formalise that relationship.

‘Across the primaries we have very strong relationships built on trust and professional integrity so it is a real privilege to work with great people who are passionate about the schools they lead. In many respects it is the best of both worlds as I still have overall responsibility for Beanfield but have the opportunity to support four other fantastic schools, ensuring they are well represented within the Trust.’

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